I wish the SEC Network would honor Broyles . . .

. . . by doing a “SEC Storied” on his career as a player, coach, and AD. There’s certainly 90 to 120 minutes worth of really good material there.

And - I’d like to see them showcase some games we WON. One game I never see is our 1975 win over A&M in Little Rock. Why is that? If ABC had the tapes from 1969 they ought to have them from 1975.

We could also see a replay of the 1971 “Revenge at the Rock” game where Joe Ferguson shot Texas down 31-7 (in the rain). Maybe they could get a replay of the 1975 (actually, New Years Day of 1976) Cotton Bowl win over Georgia - or, for that matter, the NY Day 1969 win over those Dawgs in the Sugar Bowl?

The SEC network and Paul Finebaum both did lovely tributes to Coach Broyles. (Links can be found in Clays thread.)

But that would be a worthwhile program.

I liked the one done on the SEC Now show even better.

Here is a link to that one:

http://www.secsports.com/video/20342838 … ing-legacy

Yes, that was the one that I meant.