I wish the Razorbacks could play better.

However, Arkansas is doing as good as any reasonable person should expect. In the last 20 years, Arkansas has only gotten past the first round in the NCAA 5 times and never past the second round. That is not likely to change and it is the coaching. It is all about recruiting. Fayetteville doesn’t attract top basketball players unless they are from Arkansas and often not even then.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Lawrence Kansas, lubbock Texas, steelwater Oklahoma etc etc etc but I can promise you they arent awesome places to attract the greatest basketball players. They are no nicer than Fayetteville. Their programs on the other hand attract basketball players. We’ve attracted the great William mills, Ron Huery, Todd day and the list goes on and on. Heck even Darnell Robinson from I believe Oakland California. They came here, Fayetteville ark because we were winning. We had a top ten winningest program in college basketball history not so long ago. Most of that came before we even had the facilities we have now. Now we have that unbelievable bb practice facility and beautiful arena. For some reason so many our fans have been brainwashed into thinking we all the sudden can’t get great bb players to Fayetteville when it’s already Happened time and time again. Four or Five final fours, a national Championship, a national runner up, countless sweet 16s. We have just sat and allowed this to happen to our program the last several years. Now we’ve been beat down to the point most people , esp the younger fans think this is just who we are. I hate it so bad.
Something has to be done. If we do indeed make another hire at some point, he HAS To be a star.

Nolan and Eddie didn’t have that recruiting problem, when did it start???

I can’t tell if you are just stirring people up and its your sense of humor, or if you actually believe this.

I don’t know how old you are, but we had nearly 30 years of great basketball with Sutton and NR. Lots of great players, lots of fun NCAA tourney runs.

We’ve now had 3 consecutive coaches who aren’t able to get the job done. Mike is the best of these 3, but that’s kind of like the skinniest kid at fat camp.

That’s why folks are so irritable on this board. we WANT better. we have SEEN better.

We want NCAA tourney wins, sweet 16’s and the occasional final 4. I don’t need national champs, NR did that and I doubt I’ll see it again in any of the big 3. baseball should have won 2018, but the usual Arkansas curse/choke showed up.

for basketball in particular, we have a top 15 fan base (no matter what DD says, we remain top 15 ticket sales despite the 20 years of suck that you already posted), we have top 15 facilities. If you peruse lists of best college towns or best small towns to live in, you will find Fayetteville. it’s a great town, with lots of great athletes who like it. Nolan still lives in the area.

Anyway, if this is a joke you like to pull every few days, have fun. if you are serious, then you need to research our town and our universities history.


I was listening to drive time sports the other day and Rick Shafer made a comment I couldn’t agree more with. Callers calling into the show wanting Anderson to be replaced, seemed to him, to only be wanting a change for the sake of change. This idea that change automatically means it will be better. Rick explained how that is not the case and that our new AD understands if something were to happen, that he better have a guaranteed back up plan that is or perceived to be better. But his main point was asking for change just for the sake of changing doesn’t mean we will get better, and in a lot of cases it gets worse.

I don’t believe most Arkansas fans are asking for a change for the sake of change. We have been very patient waiting for a revival of our basketball program. It simply has not happened. Many fans are getting impatient or apathetic…that is just human nature when you want to win and be counted among the best. We were there for almost 30 years, so it is not like we are expecting something we never had. We had it then and hope to have it again.

We can wait for Coach Anderson to try to bring it back or we can go out and try to find the next Eddie Sutton or Nolan Richardson. Isn’t that where we are at this point? What do we do?

You maybe right that a very vocal minority is screaming for change just for the sake of it, but like I said, they’re more vocal on the radio and other social media. As for revival, that’s a matter of opinion. I can just as easily say the reason a lot of people are mad is because the program has been revived to some extent compared to when Anderson first got here. And I understand the hope but again, there’s a reason some schools are called blue bloods. There’s only a handful of schools that have held on to the prowess they’ve had for decades. I can list schools like Indiana, UCLA, Georgetown, etc. that were very good for a long time and now are just treading water. That’s not to say we can’t get it back or Anderson can’t eventually get to that level here(if here long enough), but fans need to understand the differences in today’s game compared to the past.

Empty seats will be the determining factor when to make a change, money talks ! WPS

I’ve been around long enough to see the winning in the Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson days and the losing since the decision was made for CMA not to get the job! I was disappointed then and when Jeff Long got CMA back home I was happy then and glad now he is our coach.
What drives me crazy is the number of transfer we’ve had and some of those players would be making a big impact last year and again this year.
Watching the up and down play of This version of the hogs can drive you nuts.
Stupid mistakes and missing free throws.
Some of are players should become brick layers because that’s what they excel at!
We don’t have depth (quality depth that is).
I’d Jones, Joe and Gafford don’t all have good games we are in trouble. PG we have one but he sure can drive you nuts as well. We don’t make the simple play and can’t finish easy chances to score because we get caught with the wrong players handling the ball. I hope CMA is able to add depth to the roster next year and improve the talent and depth.
I don’t think they will make the dance but I would like to see them make the NIT. Games is what this team needs playing together.

Seats are not near as empty as before he got here. An off year so far doesn’t equate they’ll ever get that low.

When you look at the starting lineups posted on the TV screen and see teams with 2, 3 or more upperclassmen, and as with Texas Tech, 3 Seniors and 2 Sophomores, you have to think about why our guys don’t seem to be able to play good basketball for 40 minutes. Experienced teams, who have played with each other for years, are going to be more mature and skilled in the critical areas. I think our guys are doing okay all things considered. Frustrating to see them make amateurish mistakes, but that is what happens when you are playing together for the first time & have little experience. I do wonder what the coaches say to players like Gabe & Harris about taking shots when they aren’t the best option on the floor to score. I guess it comes down to sometimes a blind hog finds an acorn and once that happens, they keep sniffing and hoping. But, there has to be some coaching when you have more than half a season to see what is happening on the court. It’s not like telling someone like Jones & Joe to keep taking the 3s even when they aren’t falling. It’s about telling the players to find the player who can make the play, not try to force yourself to make it when you know better. And, Gabe and Harris aren’t Freshmen. Both of them can drive. Harris has a decent floater and has shown he can make layups under duress. I would much rather see that than continuing to hope they can drop another 3.

I don’t know if I am the only person who is seeing the way these kids are playing these days, but fundamentals have gone out the door. First and foremost are the lay-ups. I have already saw numerous missed (wide open) lay-ups. Second are free throws. This is the easiest shot in the game. GET IT DONE! Third is the 3-point shot. We are living AND dying by this shot. I’m sorry but if we can’t consistently make lay-ups and free throws, we shouldn’t be relying on jacking up shots from 20 and 3/4 feet!

Good points…all of those. We have missed a lot of lay ups and most of our guys are not good free throw shooters…

You should have to earn the privilege of being able to shoot a 3, but our guys are like Paladin…“have shot, will shoot”.

Have any of the media asked Coach Anderson does he restrict certain bricklayers from laying bricks?

If buying tickets is the lone component of a top 15 fans base, then yes, they have that.

But in terms of the other variables that go into support, I stand by my statement.

I’m in no way saying Arkansas has a bad fan base, but neither it’s basketball program, fans or atmosphere are elite right now.

As I remember, I made that statement in a response to a poster who believed the fan base deserved better.

In my opinion, Arkansas should be - or certainly could be - 15-4 or 16-3.

They Razorback should have won all four of the home games they lost - Western Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Florida and LSU.

All those losses were by 6 points or less and I think it is a total of 17 points total.

You certainly could argue they should have won yesterday.

But they have lost for whatever reason - bad starts, free throw shooting, not executing down the stretch.

It’s been a fine line, but when they all go the other way, that’s why you are 11-8 instead of 13-6 or 15-4.

If you’re losing by 10-12 every night you got a talent issue. If you losing by 3 or 4 every night you got a coaching issue - Bobby Knight, paraphrased

Yea, Mike definitely told his guys to miss those free throws on purpose and he doesn’t make them practice free throws, he just rolls the ball out and says go at it? Am I right? :roll:

Not near as empty as before, and not nearly as full as before wouldn’t you say, In your opinion is MA body of work while head coach of the Hogs sufficient enough that he should continue to be the head coach even if he never gets to the Elite 8 ? My answer is no, and if he doesn’t reach there by year ten then we should move on or do you think that’s not enough time. I’m trying to look at this the way you are, I’ve always agreed with you on the fact that MA has brought us back from the cellar, but that’s not far enough for me and many other fans. Also you posted above that fans need to understand that things have changed, I’m not sure what changes you are talking about? WPS

Mike has brought us out of the gutter. But I believe what he’s referring to by change is the “ME FIRST” attitudes. Not wanting competition to get better, but believing you’re good enough the coach should play you 40 mins a night, and no one else should play your positions: Nick Babb, Jimmy Whitt, Darious Hall, CJ Jones, and Jordan Phillips are examples, if they were here last year and this year, we probably ended up in the Sweet 16 or better last year, and would probably won the four games we lost because of FT’s this year. None of those guys are world beaters, but they’re mature (except Jordan). We have a very young team this year, and they’re improving, even though some don’t see it. By the time they’re SR’s/JR’s this team should be much better, plus that’s also the 2020 class. So, that SHOULD BE the year in which we are in the second/third weekend of the tournament.

Now, I’ve said I think this year will end in NIT, which playing multiple games in the NIT maybe better than being one and done in the NCAAT because of experience the kids would get with the extra practice. And who knows they may win the NIT. Now, the next two years I fully expect to make the NCAAT. When Mike was hired I said he’d have to get us back to making the tourney every year, most people say look, he didn’t make it to any post seasons his first two years, but we understand why (some don’t). So if you start at season 3 (which is where he started having success) it looks like this NIT, NCAAT, missed post season (Mike’s fault for not listening to his own words), NCAAT, NCAAT, (and if I’m right about the next three year), NIT, NCAAT, NCAAT. That’s where we need to be before we start moving forward (that’s your 10 years). Now as for deeper runs, if he doesn’t make it in the next three years, then we may need to look at a new coach, but one thing is for sure, he will take over a program in much better shape than Mike did. Only question will be, does he love the Hogs as much as Mike, or would it just be a job?

I wouldn’t know. For years, I’ve been at home games regularly, but I moved to pursue another degree at another university and I haven’t been to a game this year. But from last year, the arena was pretty well packed for SEC games.

As of right now, yes, I’d say it’s sufficient. Do I understand the angst of some? Yes, I do, but I’ve been around the university long enough to understand what he’s done to revitalize the program and I personally believe that’s worth something. Does that mean down the line a change may need to be made? Maybe, but I’m hoping if Anderson does leave, it’s on his own terms.

Changes like in recruiting and how games are officiated. Even in the latter part of Richardson’s era, the officiating on aggressive defenses was getting ridiculous. Now with these freedom of movement rules(which I despise with a passion) it’s gone full on ludicrous. And with players leaving this program for ridiculous reasons(not normal even 5 years ago), we wouldn’t be in the position we are in with many young players.