I wish one of our Sports analyst would ask???!!!

Coach Mike Anderson why our defense is so sloppy and lazy most of the time! We give up so many wide open shots, don’t attack the glass, don’t contest jump shots very well. The last couple minutes of this ole piss game they brought the defense and got some TO’S. WHY can’t that type of defense be played a whole game? Maybe if this question is asked the right way, it’ll put a fire under MA and players.

If you’re waiting for a question from a sports reporter to fire up the head coach and team, then the season is lost. If they don’t have the fire within themselves, they certainly won’t get it from a question. And if they did, that’s a sad state of affairs.

Because they were asking those questions to Andy Kennedy since it’s why he lost.

Ur absolutely right, but dang this talented group and the Sr we have, I wouldn’t have thought this D would be this bad. But hey I’ll try anything to get this defense a little better sure wouldn’t hurt. It’s like they get lost when they switch on defense.

If you go back and look at the shot selection they had much easier shots then we did, just got lucky that we were on today and shot good from the ft line.

Gotta love it. When we lose we’re plain bad. But when we win we’re bad and lucky.
We have plenty of issues but they made them when it counted today.


Why some folks see the need to do this confuses me. These folks seem to know the answer to perfection, but don’t share it with us.

Are you saying that the threes they shot were wide open and the threes we shot were in your face? Didn’t know we had such great shooters. Fans have a strange way of viewing the game only from one team’s viewpoint.

I don’t have issue with our perimeter defense. All teams give up 3 pointers. It is stopping the dribble penetration that worries me, That has to be fixed to make the tournament.

I don’t think it’s wrong to question the defense. It was still very subpar today. Even Booker the analyst said so. At times we looked good at other times it didn’t. I think the main problem for it looking bad, is for the first time since CMA has been here, we got multiple guys averaging 30+ MPG. We haven’t seen that in a CMA team. Even the Portis/Qualls team max MPG by a player was 27 MPG by Portis. It’s extremely hard to play fast paced and play at high level with guys playing so many minutes. Not having Garland available this year, ended up hurting a lot, because he’s probably at least a 15 MPG guy that could have taken up some of the minutes. What we need more than anything is Jones and Hall to continue playing well like they did today and demand more minutes.

I don’t feel the need to ask questions repeatedly that I have already asked and had answered numerous times.

Also most of that time those questions are asked in pre-game press conferences when they is more time and we aren’t on deadlines.

The video of the entirety of every press conference - pre-game and post-game - are on this site.

Dudley was Dustin Thomas sick today?
It was nice to finally have a game where the free throw line made the difference for the hogs !

Ok, true, but we can’t hear the question a lot of the times.


Why some folks see the need to do this confuses me. These folks seem to know the answer to perfection, but don’t share it with us.

[/quote] im confused on ur comment, are you referring to the poster? If so, this is what this thread is abt, discussions.

And how do you ask a question abt the defense that played poorly b4 the game? Makes no sense. Yeah I watch the video of the press conference for the players and coach no question about the poor defense that I heard.

No he just didn’t get in per MA.