I wish I could paint the picture

of my thoughts and explain on paper today and tonight. As we fall back in time tonight, it’s about like the FB team.
At one point when they were talking about QB’s. And I think AA with a good OL is a better QB that Cole. A tip of the hat for what he has done. My son said something about putting in AA. And to be honest I said IF I was AA I would have thrown up my hands and say "NO THANK-YOU. You guys got yourself into this mess, now work your way out of it. Actually IMO the game played out where it was just not the time to play AA. As I just said AA with a good strong line would be our best chance. BUT that’s NOT the case. I’m sure the thinking we would jump out early and then let AA play. Then Cole another quarter.

My computer just fell back 1 hour. Just as our team has fallen back. We may have won the battle today but we are losing the WAR bad.
I just can not rap my head around how I feel. It’s strange. Depressing actually. I always think we have a chance to win any game. But the next 3 could get ugly.

And now we have what looks like a coaching change. O’Mercy that just makes my head hurt. Rumors, stories, it just gets crazy. I mean this has just turned into our worst nightmare. Did anybody see this coming from day 1 and a guy that grew up on a pig farm. Great story, but it’s turned into a sloppy mess. I just hate it.

A couple of questions why does CBB and his wife not like it here?
I’ve asked this before but WHY is CBB so lack luster on the sideline? From day 1 CBB has never gone just nuts. Maybe a few times the Ref’s made a bad call. BUT what about that OL that missed his assignment and caused AA to be steam rolled. OVER and over. Or lets jump to the defense. A TD pass a nd CBB thkes his folder and covers his face and shakes his head. MOST coaches would be going nuts due to our play FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS. What’s wrong with the guy he has just watch his job go up in smoke.

I’m embarrassed of our play today. The 52- to zip, the Tide running out of the stadium. AND on and on but this one was just sucked. I just hate that here we go again another coaching change and another 3-5 years on a hope and a prayer.

Does CBB coach anything? Was it today the crazy Michigan coach was actually catching passes in warm ups? That’s off the subject but what does CBB do. On to Jeff Long who has just divided the state. Disserted the FANS that made Arkansas a great team and united on every front. NOT anymore. It’s all about the big boys and the average family that a man and wife work their tails off to see the RAZORBACKS play. My childhood dreams and even up to tonight have just been crushed.

Another thing I don’t understand is that nobody seems to understand why AA didn’t play. CBB explained it correctly, just Bad timing and really not fair to AA and future. Imo it was thought by the coaches that we would be ahead after the first quarter 14- zip. Maybe 14-3 or 17-3 something like that. THAT would have been the right timing for AA to get some playing time to refresh his mind of the speed of the game. NOPE it’s 17-14 at half. 3rd quarter and 4th just never gave a logical time to put AA in. Actually if I was AA I wouldn’t have want to be put in behind the 8 ball. REMEMBER a lot of money is in AA. That’s making the NFL. He’s good enough to make a nice back-up player. IF CBB jumps the gun on the timing of playing AA could ruin his chances for the NFL. And that thread about Bo laughing is way off base. AA with a OL that would give him time he is the best QB, period. NOT ONE person has said this but AA has a chance to make an NFL roster.

Thoughts? Any ideas? (JL Quote, LOL)
I’m asking others to add some thought’s here. TONIGHT or Tomorrow Share something.
HOW in the world could CBB been so wrong??

PS; CBB may have 1 W today but the battleship is sinking fast. SAD… Also I’m not so sure I’d want to see this team in a bowl game.

I’ll help with the paint for your picture…Your picture could not be any worse than whats going on with the Razorbacks?

I’ll help with the paint for your picture…Your picture could not be any worse than whats going on with the Razorbacks?

BB and wife love it here

You can’t change your personality but I’m sure he jumps on the players you just don’t see it

I guarantee you those coaches hate to lose more than we do


I was hoping for a few for posts.