I will renew my season tickets and I will support our new coach but,

Nothing in his Resume suggests that he is any better or any worse than CMA. Therefore it makes think we didn’t move forward or backwards we just stalled l hope I’m wrong. After firing CMA I really thought HY would have bought In someone that had a more proven track record. CEM said shortfalls seems to be the same as CMAs said weaknesses, that’s recruiting. I really hope this time next year it will be all clear to me and our team is sitting in a good spot.

I do like the fact that he has a NBA background and is associated with some NBA “Chip” level coaches.

Arkansas basketball has been dead for 20+ years. No sweet 16 since '96. Realistically Musselman was the best hire Yurachek could make. I will admit my head went into the clouds for a bit with the Marshall to Arkansas talk.