I will not read

What our people see in our FB team, before the season.
The “D” is much improved. I will admit that CBB picked the wrong time to move to the SEC. Much less the SEC WEST. Bad timing, or bad luck…

I feel for our seniors and AA.

BUT AA has just not been the same since the knee injury.

But then the O-Line is bad, causing a lot of AA issues.

Why even watch much less travel to a bowl game?? Why waste the money?

I have been giving to the foundation since 1977. Due to health issues and for the first time in my life I’m may not be able to afford it any more…

This is NO disrespect to our writing staff.
It’s just like watching a Red - White game in FB or BB. What you see is not what you get.

Is anybody NOT embarrassed?

Does anyone want to travel to a bowl game?

We missed the FG THEN we don’t go for the FG.

Changing coaches sets us bake another 4 -5 years.

Here is my thought.
If nothing changes, NOTHING will change…

If it’s the Music City Bowl. I’ll be there calling the Hogs.

I don’t remember a more dissapointing loss. And I’ve been a fan since the late 50’s.

Razorback339, I feel your pain. I too started giving 1977 and have been a faithful fan. I’m still going to give and support the team. Dunno about coaching changes but without a decent defense, CBB won’t get close to a championship and without significant improvement in the win column next year, CBB will on an extremely hot seat.

Is close to $10k. Still fairly young and in my prime earning years. But after today, my first thought after the loss was if I really want to continue to do this every year. Money could go to better, more useful purposes.

honestly, I thought of you 339, after the game. Why worry about those stupid, stupid interceptions and the punch in attempts when two field goals would’ve won the game, or the mystery of our safeties (or their certainty of open long passes), when there is good health and welfare with most of my friends and family and when 339 is suffering so much this year? Enjoy what you have and pray for those that are in need, period.

And wonder whether we will get a new DC. :wink:

Oh, to answer your question on bowl game, we’ve thrown away our bowl ticket application form–with a laugh. They think I want to travel to see a performance like that?