I will miss coach B this season.....

When we play Ole Miss. I absolutely love beating Ole Miss more than any other team we play. I also cannot tell you how awesome it was to snatch victory from Ole Miss when it seemed impossible for them to lose. The way the Hogs have won in recent memory was like Christmas. I will miss those games and I sure hope CCM keeps the trend going.

He could win the Mississippi games. He could get ahead of lots of other teams, but just couldn’t finish.

I really like the guy a lot and hope he has success in the future.

I personally won’t miss him, in any game.

Bret gives “Thank God for Mississippi “ real meaning given his record against other SECW foes! Freeze’s record vs the worst coach in UA history coupled with the NCAA crap and the sexting would make me take s very hard pass if I were an AD!

Bama 0-5
A&M 0-5
Auburn 1-4
MSU 1-4
LSU 2-3

4- 21 YIKES!!! :shock:

If he had been just a little more successful against that other ssissippi team and beaten the Aggies at least once, I probably would have been OK with giving him another year. The guy had his good points, but game management was not one of them. I really think that bone headed decisions cost us 2 games in every season he was here.

Worst in game coach, I’ve ever seen for the razorbacks, potentially for any team. No thanks.

You guys are missing the point of the post…it’s really not even about Bret. It is about beating Ole Miss especially the way it’s happened the last few years. I will not miss B.B. except when we play Ole Miss. He is gone so there is no debate about it anymore. Moving on.

The Mississippi schools are in transition. I’m not really sure what to expect from them going forward.

Hopefully, improved recruiting opportunities.

MSU is getting a lot of love this off season…some guy the other day said he thought they might challenge Bama.

What we will be really missing this fall is several million dollars in contract stupidity…

Thank god he is no longer our coach. He just put our football program back at least five years.