I will have two posts in the next 24 hours...haven't posted in a while.

Number 1 (I like numbers)…and I will post this on another board for full transparency.

Two of my favorite recruiting reporters are on this board. I have personal experience with Dudley; I do not have personal experience with Richard.

We are so very lucky to be able to read their work for its content, accuracy and integrity.

They will not write “puff pieces” assuming that Arkansas is going to get every kid as other schools report. They will not try to read too much into what a young man says, allowing them to change their mind as 17-18 year-olds are prone to do facing such an important decision. For me, most importantly…they will not “give up” a kid or his/her moment simply for a scoop. Guys…this is called personal and professional integrity, as well as good reporting.

We live in a world where so many people want to make themselves the story rather than the kids who have earned the position to choose between universities. The athletes are the story…not us, and Richard and Dudley get this and present information that I’m willing to pay for in a format that benefits most everyone in the long haul.

Well done men…well done.

Post #2 will follow after I’m able to finish my Whataburger with cheese and then I will go back into my hole after seeing my shadow.

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This. Stated very well


One thing I have always liked to do at the end of the recruiting cycle is to call or text the recruits that went elsewhere - for whatever reason - and think them for their time and answering my questions. I think that is the right thing to do and also a smart thing to do with word of mouth down the line.

I had a good conversation with Emmit Gooden. He was always great about answering the phone and being giving of his time.

In the end, Emmit getting to go home was he best decision for him if he could not come to Arkansas, which he really wanted to do. That being said, he could have helped himself get here by getting everything taken care of acdemically.

I am very happy to have Richard as a partner on this site.

We are great friends and have a great working relationship.

Even if I am better at picking horses at Oaklawn and that makes him mad.