I will have serious

withdrawals without college baseball (watching & wondering will we get back to Omaha, March Madness whether we are in the Dance or NIT, and now possibly no spring football drills.
The Pro stuff is just Meh (can live without for the most part until playoff times), compared to watching college athletes play, fight, scrap, hustle with every ounce of energy they have in their respective sports.
This is much worse than just taking my favorite coffee away in the mornings or favorite night cap or when I quit smoking 30 years ago.

BTW, it’s being reported the Chinese have found a vaccine that works against the corona virus. Using some older drugs previously used for Malaria. Called chloroquine phosphate, maybe the medical experts on here can chime in.

I had heard about the possibility of susceptibility to chloroquine.

But that’s not the same as a vaccine. That will take a long time to develop (12-18 months)

On the topic of sporting withdrawals. Lunardi put out his final Bracketology for both the NCAAT and NIT. He has us as a 4 seed in the NIT playing 5 seed St Johns. Think of the conversations.

On the topic of chloroquine, interestingly places like Ghana are saying they see no evidence it works and other places like China are saying it does. Wonder if it has something to do with your exposure to chloroquine.

Yea I guess we may have missed out on 200 message thread AR vs St Johns, huh.

Lol, that was a hypothetical, this would have been the real deal. Probably 400 message thread :rofl::joy:

Interestingly that thread was about a possible NCAAT matchup. We are down to NIT matchup now. Both teams have slided down, for similar reasons.

It is remarkable how the seasons, fan reaction to coaches, fan projections to the future are identical at both Arkansas and St. John’s. Just like someone had said that the coaching change was good for everybody involved,

Maybe the Chinese will experiment with rhinoceros horn and pangolin scales for antiviral efficacy.

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