I will be fine with almost any coach our AD recommends ------

----------- since I think he hit a “home run” on his last coaching search. Based on the state of the program and recent history, I think a universally loved “home run hire” is expecting too much, but I could be wrong. I just feel that the recent history and the present state of the program almost guarantees the new coach will be “damaged goods” in some way which will offer things to hate for those who live for that and things to “forgive” if we all are able.

I don’t think it will be someone most never heard of. A successful head coaching at a lower level will not have the power for quick fixes. It will be someone good who may have stumbled in the past but who, if our AD believes he now has his act together, has the proven potential to be a dynamic and powerful coach.

That might be Kiffin, since Yurachek tried to hire him at Houston. It might be Malzahn if he loses to Georgia and Bama. It might be Sarkasian, who appears to have dealt with his alcohol problems and has college+NFL experience. It might be Pittman who left the program before but might become our Orgeron if he returned.

Even if it is Malzahn, I will support the program and forgive his and his fans past transgressions. We just need to support our team better because we are part of the reason we are in this mess.


The vast majority will support the new hire just like they supported Morris when he was first hired. That is pretty much a given but the real question is how much time will Razorback fans give the new head coach before we see that support go away like it did with Morris if the new coach cannot immediately produce wins.

Morris is getting the blame for everything that has gone wrong and maybe he is getting what he deserves but I doubt that anyone is going to quickly turn this thing around. I think anything is possible but this team needs some elite talent and whoever gets this job is going to be at significant disadvantage as other schools are most certainly trying to move in on the hog recruits who have re-opened recruiting,

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The hiring process in place did an injustice to CCM. Those involved or the decision makers appear to have had no concept of what is required of a coach in the SEC West. Someone should have looked at the support staff he was bringing to correct the program and realize it would not work. There is no easy fix for Arkansas at the present time.

We put all our eggs in the Gus basket which had no chance of succeeding. After he was gone there were no other high-level candidates left, and may not have been anyway. So we wound up with an up and comer who is no longer up and coming.

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It wasn’t just not winning that cost him his job it was losing to WKY and lack of substantial improvement. The good play we had at the A&M game proved to be a fluke instead of a big step in the right direction it seems. Last Saturday night we should have had a list of positives that out weighed the negatives of the CCM era but that was not the case unfortunately. Nothing aimed toward CCM as a person intended and I’m sure in time we will see him on the sideline again and I wish him the best. WPS

I have never suggested that Morris did not deserve to get fired. My concern was and still is that they will be worse off going forward because of the negative impact on recruiting and transfers as a result of the coaching change. Hopefully the new coach can come in and change this situation but the recruiting has as expected lost about half of the commits and who knows what will happen if they get embarrassed at LSU. I stress that I am hopeful that this does not happen but those are my concerns and if those concerns do actually happen the talent level on this team is going to be razor thin. It is hard to imagine things getting worse but this is a very critical situation and I just hope they can do something to change things.

Gotcha, I’m also fearful the next HC could possibly have less talent to begin with than CCM did, but I also think Morris was not getting the best out of the talent that was available. We’re in a very tough situation and HY has a very tough job ahead of him to say the least. WPS