I will always hate the Celtics

But…they look like the tougher team. Golden State better quit trying to be cute. They are in a dog fight. No reason to blow this game like they did.

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No doubt Celtics tougher and the firepower to boot. Maybe Draymond (never committed a foul) can focus on something other than whining to the referees and get his team focused.

Not a fan of either. Can’t stand Celtics and Green turns my stomach. Doubt I watch much if any.

I tried to watch some of the Finals game if maybe just to catch a glimpse of Moses Moody, but it took about 5 min and I was reminded again why I hate the NBA. OMG, there was so much traveling/walking and extra steps, there was tons of carrying/palming the ball while dribbling, and there was so much contact without a foul being called. Boston’s defense looked like a NY mugging half the time and GS’s wasn’t much better. That 5 min will be the last 5 I watch until I forget why I stopped watching again.

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I watched at it last nite, was a BIG Celtics fan back in the day, now, meh, not so much. :sunglasses:

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I can’t stand the Celtics but I want them to beat GS like a drum.

Celtics are too big and too athletic for the Warriors. If you look up and down the active Warrior roster, there is no athleticism other than Kuminga and a little bit of Wiggins. And Kuminga is not playing much. Warriors are a soft team and if jump shots don’t fall, they are dead meat.

Looks like Joe Johnson is getting a ring and Moses Moody is not.

How is Joe Johnson getting a ring?

Joe was signed to a 10 day contract, played a couple games with the Celtics this season. Players who play on a winning team within that season are eligible for a ring but the process of who actually gets a ring is more murky and changes from team to team- but I’ve read that teams usually vote on it. I’m sure others who are more in-tuned and knowledgeable of the situation will chime in if I got that wrong, which is cool, I would rather be accurate, so please correct if I’m mistaken.

Iso Joe signs with Celtics

You are correct.

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Thanks PJ, I appreciate it.

I am still snickering at you calling Golden State

I’ve loved the Celtics since 1979…they’re not playing well at the moment, but will pull for them win or lose

I go back way back in NBA time. As a kid I wanted someone to beat the Celtics during the Bill Russell era. I was a fan of the St. Louis Hawks who had Bob Petit, Cliff Hagan, Clyde Lovellete. That was probably the only time I actually pulled for a team. They actually won the title one year. Otherwise the Celtics were a dynasty that will never be equalled. I think everyone wrote the Warriors off too early. I think the Celtics win the next game though.

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