I will always blame it on Hoover

Till the day I die. 4 meaningless games cost us everything. That’s all I got. On to football, but man, what a bitter, bitter pill to swallow…

Is that on Van Horn?

I will never say that, because there is no one that I would rather have coaching this team, but I will always wonder if Dave chased the fools gold by wanting to put it to Tony…All I know is that conference tourney championship doesn’t feel real good right now.


Mississippi State was run-ruled in both of their games.

Did they just not try at all, or did they just have games that got away from them? I don’t think I saw much of either one, so I’m honestly not sure.

It’s impossible to know, but they looked like the worst team in Hoover. If their strategy was to suck and get out of Dodge ASAP, it looks like a genius move now. I will hate conference tournaments until my dying breath.


There is no right or wrong strategy to Hoover. Vanderbilt won in Hoover two years ago and won in Omaha.

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I don’t blame on Hoover at all with the exception of 1,2 games this team didn’t hit the last 3-4 weeks of the season the middle of our order was really bad… I was afraid of it catching up to us and it did… Ms State peaked when they had too(very easy regional) got momentum and never lost it…

But having said that I don’t like the tournament, would rather go to regional

Matt, I think we bailed on Hoover a couple times in the last few years in order to get on a run for the post season. It looks like Miss. State did the same. How many teams have won the conference outright, then the stupid, meaningless SEC tournament and then won the CWS? I will never be a fan of the tourney, except for a championship game in football. But, money rules and we get a share of it.

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Everything I posted is only my opinion. I didn’t watch a single minute of the CWS. I am a Hog homer for life. It’s just hard to take that we swept the National Champion, and they checked out of Hoover before they even checked in…We had the chance to be only the 5th school in NCAA history to win the trifecta…nattys in all 3 major sports. I know there’s always next year, but this was just a gut punch. Who knows if we will ever get this chance again? Sure hope we do, but trust me, I know how hard it is to win a natty. Just feels like we let a big one get away. Go Hogs!

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I don’t know how many have won all those titles. I know Vandy did in 2019.

Arkansas has never tried to lose in Hoover. You probably didn’t mean it that way, but that’s what I think when I read the term “bailed.”

I’m not sure the team has been heartbroken when it left Hoover, but there was always effort to win the games. Van Horn has often used the SEC Tournament as a chance to get experience for some non-regular players, no different than what happened this year.

Hoover has helped some Arkansas teams get right before the NCAA Tournament began. The 2009 team lost its last eight SEC games, then went 2-2 in Hoover to start the run that ended in Omaha.

Jeremy, if we had lost in the regional, then maybe you could blame Hoover fatigue. But we won the regional and moved on to the Super regional with the same rest all teams got. Hoover didn’t cost us a Super, quiet bats and NC State on a heater cost us a Super.

Of course we didn’t try to lose. I’ll just say we played it like practice games and getting experience like you said. I’ll just stick with we burned a lot of energy on finally winning the SEC tourney, and it cost us.

We used a lot of Kopps winning in Hoover, and used a lot more of him beating Nebraska. We basically lost a hot bat, in Slavens, while winning Hoover. Like I said, it is only my opinion. I’m just sad that the best team in the country this season doesn’t have the hardware it deserved, but, as I learned the hard way, in Seattle, the best team doesn’t always win.

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I’m glad DVH and this team went for it. Trying to win everything. No guts no glory. Do it again next year and the next and the next and ……
Who’s to say trying anything else would have turned out different. DVH rode his best player. He produced all the way.
Hoover wasn’t the problem.

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Coach Richardson always said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Now, you can take that statement at face value, or you can look back at what we really gained (or lost) from winning in Hoover. Seems pretty obvious to me. We won a trophy that now has dust on it, while a team that we dominated is the National Champion. Tough to take, no matter how you look at it, IMHO.

We didn’t lose The Super Regional because of our pitching. We lost because we couldn’t produce offense when it was staring us in the face. One hit away in each of the last two games to extend the season. Whether NC State’s pitching or our lack of hits, that is where the two losses occurred. When you lose by one run, it’s hard to fix the exact reason but I believe it was the bats.

Mississippi State played well after the whipping we gave them in Starkville. Hoover aside, that was a team that focused on the prize in Omaha.


We didn’t use ourselves up in Hoover. We used ourselves up slapping around the NCS JV in game 1.


Only one team Miami that has been ranked number one the entire season has won the College World Series in 1999. Odds were not in our favor. Saw last night the teams that have been to Omaha a number of times and not won it all . MSU has been there 12 times and just now won it all. We were listed and have been there 10 times yet to win a NC . Keep getting there and you eventually can win one MSU just proved that. Understand the disappointment we all have but we shouldn’t discount the season we just had.

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So Coach Richardson coached to lose in SEC Tourn to avoid fatigue in the big dance?
Is that quoted?

No, but I seriously doubt we would have won it all in 94 had we not lost in Memphis. Like I said, these were only my thoughts. Congrats to Miss St.