I went to watch Payton Brown tonight

The 6-3 Waldon senior guard had 36 points, but Elkins got the 54-49 home win

He hit 10 if 10 from the FT line, 10 2s and a couple of 3s

If Waldron and Elkins both win Friday night, they will be tri-champs with Charleston.

it was a Hoosiers type game

I’m sure you guys have put it on here at some point, but please remind me about Brown’s current offers.

What a great movie, watched it again a few weeks back (for the 5th or 6th time…)

Really just interest as of now. He was signed with UCA and the coaching thing went down and he got a release.

He is getting interest from many schools, not too much from Arkansas.

A New Orleans coach was there in Elkins last night to watch him play.

I am about to go through our interview and write a column and I will put up the list of schools he reeled off after the game

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