I went to the Rose Bowl and had a great time watching

Two very good teams. I am a two time Arkansas graduate but my son graduated from OU, The entire experience was great for my entire family. Now as far as information that may be helpful to Arkansas, i noticed a couple things just watching the game.

First as said in the past, we need a lot more stud football players. The overall team speed was off the charts to what I have witnessed at Arkansas the last several years. I mean speed at EVERY position. Is it recruiting or training or both? I do not know.

The next observation I made was the absolute ferociousness of the hits by linebackers and safeties. The seats we had were close to the south endzone and lucky for me that is where the majority of the big plays and overtime plays were at. I am not sure when I last saw that much slobber knocking going on. It was impressive.

Anyway, we need more team speed at every position with very aggressive/ angry linebackers and safeties from my observation if we want to run with the sooners or big dogs. Pun intended

As a season ticket holder and attendee of games with close proximity to the field and Hog bench, your observations are spot on. We have a long way to go.

I am sure you enjoyed the game. A great Rose Bowl for certain.

I agree 100% with your observation and have been yelling that for years. Speed, speed and more speed at every position together with aggression. I really like a lot about Coach B, but his failure to recruit speed drove me up a wall (and got him fired). Each year I would watch the first game and shake my head - not enough team speed. At least the new coach is saying the right things about that. Will see .

Paraphrasing a quote from Jimmy Johnson when he had those great Miami U. teams was “flying feet and speed kills”.

Speed is important. I think we are seeing it in the last couple of classes. It ain’t all there but we have some and more redshirted.

I don’t think CBB left the cupboard as bare as some folks think. I just think the better talent is young.