I went to see Canaan Sandy Thursday...

on my way to Alabama to cover baseball.

He had surgery Thursday morning, slept for six hours and was his happy self when I got there.

Canaan gives me great inspiration.

As most know, he had his second stroke in a week a few days ago.

Surgery went well. I got to see pictures of the hole in his heart and where they fixed it.

He was obviously tired, but he and his mom Ginger were in great spirits.

He has some work ahead, but wants to get back to “work” being the Super Fan that he is as soon as possible. He was upset he was missing the Lady Razorbacks’ NIT game.

Canaan wants to be at next week’s baseball games. We’ll see.

There is a pic of him smiling during our visit on my Twitter and Facebook

I told him to get some good rest and take his time. We want him around for a long time.

Just a great young man


God Bless Canaan for a complete and rapid recovery. And Dudley, God Bless you for taking your time to visit Canaan. GHG!

Thanks for that, Dudley. Continue to heal and gain strength
Canaan, you are a Razorback treasure.
God bless you both.