I went back and watched the KJ fumble

The play would have worked fine had he ran the ball up the middle like he normally does. Latham our left guard made a mistake by double-teaming out on the tackle which left the linebacker with a straight shot on KJ, had he fired out and blocked the linebacker straight on KJ probably walks in The end zone. I still don’t understand the need to try to jump is what gets me. He should have just ran the ball in there and got his half a yard and we would have ran another play or two but I did notice Latham made the bad decision to double team rather than the base block the linebacker.

He did same jump at Ole Miss last year from about four yard line and it worked. You do in games what you practice or don’t in this case. He should have known better but I doubt he does it again. He will learn when to truck someone and when to take the ground. If you run in games then you need to run in practice and coaches do not want to risk unnecessary injuries. Trade offs. KJ job is not to turn ball over and he has in last two games leading to scores


In the Ole Miss game he had a full head of steam going and he only had to get over about one guy who was standing at the goal line. He literally try to jump over three or four people from the three yard line after hardly getting any momentum going last night

That’s a big difference between those two plays.


He shouldn’t have tried it. Doubtful he does it in practice, but he will learn.

Thanks for sharing. I just don’t understand the need to run it up the middle there, even if Latham blocks correctly. On first down, KJ could clearly hit the edge and pick up a couple of yards minimally if not cruise in.


Completely different play, completely different situation.

Because that is the strength of the offensive line.

I understand your point, sorry I tried to let the oblivious boneheaded play stand for itself. KJ made the decision on his own like he did at Ole Miss. Results were different , got it . However ,he is the game manager, SP said they work on things like that in practice but kids do things in a game . Not what I was expecting to hear.

I am looking forward to seeing how this staff and team responds from this loss. In past two years we have lost two games (Auburn and TAM) we should not have lost. That sets a ceiling on what expectations should be .

Well, anyone that does not have a ceiling on expectations for Razorback football hasn’t been paying attention since about 1980.

I agree with the ceiling, we cant’t recruit with SEC big boys,

7-8 wins a year are good seasons 9 was great, just be nice to beat teams we should have beat.

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Well obviously it’s not protection for trick plays because they work about 10% of the time since KB has been the OC.

Why should there be any ceiling for the Hogs to compete & recruit against the SEC big boys?

Assuming GA & Bama are the big boys, without Smart & Saban they are average/above average teams. Saban will retire soon, & who knows about Smart.

With CSP, Arkansas is recruiting & playing well. With proof of some very good seasons, our talent will only improve. Arkansas seems to have most of the pieces in place to compete with the best in the SEC. Not many SEC teams have a better outlook than the Hogs.

Only concern I have is NIL $ which may prove to be an overstated benefit.

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