I watched Louisville-UNC last night

Man, UL is bad. And UNC isn’t much better.

I’m more convinced than ever that UL is likely to try to make a big splash with its coaching search. And the target could be Muss. They’re certainly not keeping the interim guy.

I don’t think Muss will take it, but I know he will be approached for several jobs (including that one).

I hope the Razorback foundation is prepared to match or beat what other may offer Muss. In the end it’s up to Muss to want to stay.


I think having one of the best recruiting classes in the country coming in (especially if we add Anthony Black) is the strongest reason for a coach to stay vs starting a big rebuilding job at Louisville


I agree with you MD

In this day and age of the ease with which the transfer portal makes things, can you really count on a good recruiting class coming in as any kind of binding agent. A coach could leave and his entire recruiting class could follow via portal.

Now I don’t think that is gonna happen, but just pointing out the days of saying “Coach X won’t leave he has too many good recruits coming” is probably a thing of the past.

I think the only way you can feel safe these days is if your a destination school. As in a school that’s considered the top of the ladder and there is not really a place to step up to, ie a Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, etc. So while I want to think Arkansas is a destination school, I can’t really say that we are. So I’ll always worry when we get a good coach if a big name school opens up.

Muss now knows how devoted and crazy about basketball our fans are. He and staff has proven they are elite in recruiting and can get kids like Duke/Kansas/KY to Fayetteville. Muss takes those kids and turns them into a ranked winner. Now, about the money… pay him and staff (and soon) like they are working at those blue-bloods or gamble you lose him.

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