I watched Katy, TX versus Galena Park North Shore last night

The west side of Houston versus the east side…might as well be two different worlds except for the high school football programs and proximity to Houston proper.

North Shore won the game, besting Katy for the second time this season, 49-38. They were Katy’s only two losses while Katy won most of their games by 30+ points against good competition. Prior to the game, North Shore had outscored their opponents 400-33 while going 12-0. They’re 13-0 now scoring more points on Katy than they had given since losing to Houston Madison in 2001. Was that the Vince Young team…I’m not sure.

This game was littered with Power 5 prospects at nearly every position on both sides of the ball. Possibly the most talent that I’ve ever seen in one high school game. Without a doubt, I’ve never seen this type of speed on both sides of the ball.

While we focus on John Gentry at North Shore (they played him all over the field at Wildcat QB, WR, RB), I will say that I saw 6-7 other players on North Shore’s roster with incredible speed. North Shore boasts the nation’s #1 RB in the class of 2020, Zachary Evans and he was not the best player on the field.

Shadrach Banks is a 6’1", 200 lb kid that they played at WR who ran away, through and around Katy’s defense all night long. I haven’t seen a box score, but one article mentioned that Banks had 3 catches for 165 yards and 3 TD’s…in the first half. Edit: I failed to say that he is a Sophomore.

Oh yea, Katy was led by 4 star running back, Deondrick Glass who will choose between Ok State, Michigan, Alabama and a host of others. I’ve seen Glass 4 times now over the last two years and he’s the real deal, but I’m still in awe of the display of speed that North Shore put on the field.

If you have any question about Zach Zimos whose Travis team lost last week Katy, this is the level of competition that he has played against for three years in high school. I doubt his eyes will be too overwhelmed when he gets to The Hill.

Are we recruiting at these schools? Are these the kids that only go to the big boy schools?

We haven’t recruited them with any success in the past. I know that Glass gave us a look early on and that Gentry at North Shore has some interest…may even have an offer.

One of the issues is that all of the “big boy schools” know about Houston and have long term relationships…Alabama, LSU, A&M, OU and on and on.

So a couple of thoughts in response:

  1. Do you have to recruit Houston to be a big boy school? Not necessarily.
  2. I’m hoping that the current staff will make some end roads here, and it doesn’t have to be at Katy or North Shore.
  3. There’s a lot of competition, but there’s also a lot of talent. Katy Taylor, Foster, Seven Lakes, Tompkins now, Cy-Fair, Cy-Creek, Atoscocita.
  4. When Sumlin was at A&M, he made sure that he did weekly radio shows in Houston.
  5. When Miles was at LSU, he made sure that he did weekly radio shows in Houston.

You play, work, recruit to your strengths. I just know that it’s hard for me to look at the Houston high school football landscape and not be overwhelmed.

Thanks for report

THANKS, Numberhawg…Great post!

This is the type of competition you get in big time Texas high school football.

And people were bit**ing about chad leaving his son to play and develop in it compared to Fayetteville… I mean seriously, it’s not even close.

Houston Madison in 2001 was indeed Vince Young’s team. But they didn’t win state. They lost to Austin Westlake (home of Drew Brees and Nick Foles) in the state semifinals. Neither Brees nor Foles played in that game though; VY was in the gap between their high school careers.

Great report Numberhawg. And, here I always thought you were all about basketball, and basketball only. :o

All Right…this made my Saturday…especially coming from the legend himself!

Numberhawg, a good report that brought back good memories - we lived in the Houston metro area for about 10 years and HS football is a whole different animal than in Arkansas and really, even in Louisiana. If I’m not mistaken, Jalen Hurts also came from Galena Park

From the Bama roster:

QB 6’2" 218 lbs
2 Jalen Hurts Junior Houston, Texas Channelview

He was at Channelview…just a stones throw from North Shore.