I watched Connor Noland pitch again today

I continue to be impressed with his presence on the mound. He is far more advanced as a pitcher than he is as a quarterback. His accuracy is almost pinpoint and his off-speed pitches are hard for the hitters to get a read on.

I don’t know if he’ll start opening weekend, but he has the look of a weekend starter - maybe a staff ace in a year or two.

He pitched four innings today and allowed one hit, a double in his final inning. He had four strikeouts.

I also thought Kole Ramage looked good today after struggling some his last time out. His two-strike breaking ball had a few victims, including Casey Martin and Heston Kjerstad.

Are they pitching outside? Dang, it is cold and tough on the arm to pitch in this weather.

Yes, the scrimmage was outside today. I thought it was interesting that Noland was the only player - pitcher or position - to not wear sleeves.

There was no choice but to practice outside Saturday. The indoor baseball facility doubles as a throwing center for the track guys when there are meets. That’s the deal, the track gets the facility for a few weekends a year. On the days that the track team (for meets) gets the total use of the indoor facility, Dave Van Horn’s rule of thumb is that they go outside if it’s above freezing. It was close to 40 yesterday. That’s warm enough for a short scrimmage.

When I walked into the track meet (just before 1 PM) it was pleasant with little wind. It felt much cooler after the meet was over, but the baseball scrimmage was long over.

Dave Van Horn is the ultimate weather man. I’m sure he picked the best three-hour window (as far as temps and wind) of the day. He starts looking at the hour-by-hour three days out and continues to watch and adjust. I know he’s got someone at the National Weather Service that he can phone (or Clay Goodwin to phone). And, they are going to have very good information on hourly predictions days in advance. Of course, things change with the weather and you can be wrong.

I would not be surprised if Connor Noland was the starting quarterback next fall. Yes, Ben Hicks is here, but I know Arkansas football coaches are still very high on Noland in his development at quarterback.

One of the interesting aspects will be his classification. Connor redshirted last season in football. He is NOT going to redshirt in baseball unless there is an injury. So he could be draft eligible in baseball in two more years, after his sophomore season in football. That’s when it might get interesting.

I betcha Ben Hicks would be surprised :sunglasses:

Wouldn’t surprise me one bit either clay if noland is the starter at quarterback. He can make every throw you need him to he just needs protection and some receivers to get open he’ll take care of the rest

Do you think he could retain some leverage in the MLB draft if he stays for his senior season if he looks like he could also be drafted in the NFL? I know normally it doesn’t make sense for a baseball player to come back for the 4th year if they get drafted in year 3 because they aren’t offered much of a signing bonus the second time around. Would a potential NFL offer change that?

It looks like the A’s are might to get a MLB waiver to re-work Kyler Murray’s baseball contract due to the threat of playing in the NFL.

Van Horn on Noland just now at the Swatter’s Club:

“He’s thrown the ball extremely well. We’re excited about Connor. He’s had three outings against our hitters and he’s pitched like he’s a little older than that. I think you’ll see him on the mound this weekend pretty early.”