I watched a lot of SEC Football yesterday, and didn’t hear one word about

COVID quarantines…not on TV or Twitter.

We had 4-5 players not available, and probably everyone else did too.

Did the Media/SEC make a decision to leave the issue alone? BTW, I like it. Focusing on the players in the field is the way to go IMO.

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I think it’s a consensual decision to not reveal the Covid cases and/or quarantines until everyone sees who is on the field and sidelines on game day. Keep the emphasis on the players actually playing. Right call in my book.

The teams are not going to tell who is in quarantine, and announcers/reporters aren’t going to make an assumption about a player being out for that reason without confirmation. We’ll see and hear reports of who isn’t playing, but probably not too many about why they’re out.

We got a taste of this last year when a number of Razorbacks had the mumps the week of the Missouri game. In the pregame we were told which players were out, but not given a reason for any of their absences. It could have been the mumps, an injury, a suspension, etc.

It was first game. This will become much more relevant from this point and later in season if/when good players are missing from starting line ups. The speculations may be brought forth then.

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