I wasn't there, so

I can’t say for sure, but (based on what I saw) I’m almost positive that the same guys who coached the last two football games also coached the second half of Saturday’s basketball game against Kentucky.

Some people have something to say and others just have to say something. A stretch at best.

You WIN…IDIOT post of the day…better yet of the year

The colloquialism," Dumber than a box of Hillbillies" comes to mind with this shart of a post.

Key takeaways:

“I wasn’t there”
“I can’t say for sure”
“I’m almost positive”


Probably a well-deserved response (as are the others), for in rereading my post it sounds like I was attempting to “rub salt into the wound”. Certainly this was not my intent (for I hurt for our beloved Hogs, as I am sure you and the others do), and I apologize for coming across that way. My intent and hope was that some of you who have been there and are in the know could shed insight on why we are able to play so well for a half and then fail so miserably for the second half. Is it a lack of conditioning (looked to my untrained eye like they were still playing hard), fragility wherein they expected to fail and could not come back when the other team had success, much better coaching adjustments by the opponents, or what? Is the problem a commonality between the football team and the basketball team, or did it just look that way? Hopefully both sets of coaches can determine the problem(s) and remediate in the future, whether physical or mental or both. Nevertheless, they are still my Hogs, and I remain behind them in every game.
Again, my apologies for the way that my post came across, and no offense taken for your response(s)!