I wasn’t rooting for Alabama

but I was rooting hard against Texass. Glad the shortwhorns lost a heartbreaker. Besides, maybe Bama isn’t as dominant as they have been in years past.


Yeah, we were all checking our phones to see what happened.

My TN friends were rooting for the shorthorns. I set the straight. They seemed surprised at my extreme dislike for them.

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I was at the game. Great college football atmosphere. Most penalties in the Saban era

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Tn fans would root for russia against the tide.

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I noticed that. Saban must be having a fit. He is not use to officials having the stones to call penalties against him. I’ve watched Bama’s DBs for ages get away with hands all over WRs and never gets called. (ALSO their DL/LBs putting the crown of their helmet on the opposing QBs chin). Anyways, one of those high drafted DBs I got to see on the pro level and he was called for PI like 3 different times in one half he played. I was telling my friend that was how they teach em in BAMA cause the refs won’t call it against Saban.

Saban may need to increase his ‘NIL’ money to the Office of Officials.


I always say I came out of the womb in 76 hating Texas. Tough to admit that I wouldn’t have been too sad if Bama lost. I’ve said for a while they’re my new Texas. Too bad they both couldn’t lose!

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I wanted Bama to win hoping the game in Fayetteville would be between two undefeated teams and a top 10 matchup.


It would still be a top 10 matchup even if they lost.

Be careful chalking up a win for Arkansas against Petrino next week. Arkansas should crush them, but Petrino is a master at scheming WRs into open spots against good defenses and right now Arkansas is very soft and squishy in the secondary. I hope we are not looking past them to the TA&M game.

The way football has gone these first two weeks, no team should overlook anyone!

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auburn down to sjsu at home near half.

If the Hogs don’t rush for 300 or more next week then I will be shocked.

There is no doubt that Petrino will have his team ready to play, have an innovative game plan and will be excited about our secondary injuries.

Pittman will have the Hogs ready. The Hogs should be able to dominate both lines and Jefferson will be able to make big plays with both his arm and his legs. If we play a clean game, we should have a clear victory.

Missouri State will expose our depleted secondary and score some points against us. But I think that the Hogs will win by at least 2 touchdowns.

Petrino State gave up 30 points to UT-Martin.

UT-Martin. At home. And had to rally to win. And gave up 5 sacks.

Lose the fear, y’all. Dresser Winn (their QB) is going down early and often.

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The teasippers have slipped a tiny bit in my most despised team list. They are second by a hair to the rebnecks.

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If Texas played Ole Miss, I’d hope for a small meteor strike at midfield.

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I wouldn’t have minded one in Austin yesterday either.