I was wrong

I wrote that I felt like we COULD be at an emotional peak again this week.

I was wrong.

UGA is better. They whipped us. But we also were not at an emotional peak. Got flustered and lost poise IMMEDIATELY.

I don’t blame Pittman. I am getting very tired of special teams gaffes.

I still think we can win 8-9.

But this was embarrassing with the national spotlight right on us. Need to either beat Ole Miss or AT LEAST play a very good game. We do that, and we will be fine. We get our doors blown off again? Not good.

Let’s see how good Ole Miss really is.


yeah ST has been really bad ever since ST coach has been here…I’m sure Sam is not real happy about that at all.

actually they were really bad before he got here… now they’re just bad… haven’t improved as much as we’d hoped…

Wins over Texas and A&M were not flukes. This team has made a lot of progress since last year. But, the thinking that they were better than Georgia, at Georgia was a bit of overzealousness. Hopefully, the team can regroup this week.


Special Teams Coach got a pay raise after last year.

Obviously, AD’s are like Politicians spending other people’s money.

We played like a team with very little fuel in the tank. Which is probably exactly what it was.
The kids tried. I am not questioning effort. But no gas in the tank.

And when that boulder came rolling down the mountain they just kept making more mistakes.


absolutely have improved and I think we have a shot at all of the remaining games other than Bama.


Ole Miss is much better offensively. They are moving the ball on Bama. Our offense is very mediocre. We just don’t have the O line to play a team like UGA. Not even close. Ole Miss’s O line is apparently good enough to hang with Bama. That’s pretty impressive. O line is one thing I am quite certain Sam will get fixed.

I was wrong also thinking we could play with Georgia, but Don’t understand why we stuck so long with the 3 man line on defense and does Briles know what a screen pass is? Seems like this would of been a good game to call more screen passes.

Also agree with youdaman to throw more in the middle of the field.
Lots to work on before next week

I suspect they don’t think KJ is accurate enough to throw more to the middle of the field. He is not a good pocket passer. Not accurate from the pocket.

I think KJ might’ve played hurt today too.

Bama is slowing it down against Ole Piss. And knocking their OLine back pretty good…

In regards to ST I just got one head scratcher to talk about. Been watching football for 50+ years and I’ve never ever seen such a weird punt formation with unusual splits and gaps like we use. What was wrong with the formation used for years when punting? Maybe I’m just old and stuck in my ways and don’t like change, but if that is change for success then its been a failed experiment.

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Those are two good questions. Rush 3 drop 8 didn’t Work against a better offensive line. We didn’t change til the fourth quarter. Why not quicker?

Y’all…our o-line got whipped today. Bad. I don’t think the greatest playcaller in the history of football would have made a difference.

is our offensive line as bad as they looked today? No. We whipped Texas and the Aggie’s D-lines. We are probably a little worn out after playing A&M. And then we faced as good a college defense as I have ever seen.

Now, we could have and should have played better. But throws over the middle, screens, all that would have made no real difference. Our o-line just got WHIPPED

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Another ST head scratcher is that we still do not have a return guy that can catch it and make some yardage.

Yardage on returns has not really felt like a question to me. I think that is an issue of depth. You just can’t afford to put your stars in those dangerous situations, they are too important in the main scheme of things. Its been a long time since we had some good depth so I think is also about the same amount of time since we had dangerous return men.

Two best teams in the SEC are reminding us that they are still ahead of the pack and best in country too. Florida and Ga will be good game.

Last I looked, they were down 28-0. I expect the hogs to make a game of it next week. I haven’t seen anything so far from them to not think we could win next week. We ran into a buzz saw today. :coffee::sunglasses:

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Ga. 24-0 at half. Bama 28-0 at half.

Hogs by four next week.

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Run Game against OM is your best defense,they don’t have the ball,can’t score but when they do have it you have to bend and don’t break bc in the red zone its much tougher to run that offense…We can run on OM bc they are going to play 3 man front too.