I was wrong

Clearly Malzahn played us for a big raise at Auburn.

I wonder if the reason it has not been announced is because Auburn is having buyer’s remorse and not coming forth with the generous package that was possibly discussed before the embarrassment his team suffered in the SEC title game?

Contrary to some rumors, no deal was signed before the game or we would still not be hearing “I want to be”…something still being negotiated.

I hope the U of A is no longer participating and has moved on to folks who actually want the job.

If it cost Auburn more money, that is just fine. If we fired Long just to try to get Gus, that is not OK. BB needed to go even without our lust for Gus.

I agree that CBB had to go–it’s a moot point to even argue now, other than to say this: If Gus was the big play and he slipped through the fingers, now we’re trading in a coach who had 12 years Power 5 experience for what? A two-year coach at Memphis who has a great offense but has yet to prove much defensively? An SMU coach who has done a great job turning around that program, but still hasn’t won big? An FAU coach who sometimes has a way of putting his foot in his mouth, like CBB, but has some charisma about him in turning that program around? Or a defensive coordinator with Oklahoma/Clemson who has an impressive resume? I’m scared (it is a game, so not really scared but in relative terms) what we may be left with.

Our previous coach with Power 5 experience was terrible, Norvell, Kiffin or Veneables would be an upgrade for us.

I guess I missed something, how is it clear that he played us?

Coach Mal. has not said that he was not coming to Ar. So how the hell can you said he is not coming!.. He is beating around the bush about his plan…

Coach Mal. has not said that he was not coming to Ar. So how the hell can you said he is not coming!.. He is beating around the bush about his plan…

I feel sure he is not coming. This is dragging out because he wants to be at Auburn. We need to move on. If he comes now, it’s because we were his second choice.

He used us to get a big raise and security at Auburn. It is how the game is played, so not upset over it, but we need to get on with it and let him stay in Alabama where he really wants to be.

Rarely will Arkansas hire a HC who has any where near the Power 5 experience as the one being replaced. JFB had 1 year. Holtz had some (don’t remember without look it up how long he was at NCState). Hatfield zero, Crowe zero, Ford, yes, a lot. Nutt zero, BP was zero I think (don’t think UL was P5), BB yes. Doesn’t look to like having P5 experience is any type of indicator or success here.

I think Gus liked the idea of coming to Arkansas. I don’t think he liked it enough to give up the chance for a National Championship.

I am OK with that. I am not enamored with Gus.

I understand that. Don’t think we can hire somebody with a lot of experience, but I’m just pointing out how risky this move is becoming since the No. 1 target apparently isn’t coming. My preference would be Venables because of the long experience he’s had in P5, even though he’s never been a head coach. Norvell has a great offensive mind, as apparently does Morris. Will they hire a big-time defensive coordinator and recruit defensive players to have complete teams? Just a lot of questions, but obviously there always is.