I was wrong

Though I never called for Mike’s job, I had serious mid-season doubts about him being able to get us where we need to go. I was wrong.

A lot of people were, and they did call for his job. At least you are willing to eat crow

The silence from some posters is deafening.

As fans, we have to be patient. I know a lot of us were having doubts, but turning a program–football, basketball, whatever–is never easy. Glad Mike has things cooking.

Way to man up, there’s about 20 others that need to do the same

I had my doubts following that Vandy loss at home. I didn’t dream we wouldn’t lose another SEC game until we played Fla in Gainesville. Now, I’m thrilled MA has proved himself the coach I thought he was when we hired him from MO. Next year has the potential to be an even better year. I’m ready for us to become a regular in the NCAAT & a semi-regular in the Sweet 16 or better.

And some that said it are calling for them to say it.

Many on this site are unhappy people. Just be positive everyday you have left… no matter what way the ball/football bounces.



Way to man up and eat crow. There’s some that disappeared that we probably won’t see again until the end of the year.

MA has the team playing very well and has us to a level that I didn’t believe we would see this year. Good job by coaches and players and wish them the best as we continue to move forward! WPS

Response: you aren’t by yourself, but for me it definitely speaks volume to your character. It’s not easy to admit when you missed judged a person

I will admit that I was wrong, but at the same time contend I was right.

I had a problem with what I perceived to be his inflexibility and stubbornness I continuing to play a style which I felt was killing us. I was wrong in the sense he would not or could not adjust. He in fact did adjust, and I credited him with making great adjustments in an earlier post a few weeks ago.

But I willl be stubborn and contend I was right about what was wrong with the way we were playing earlier this year.

There are still things that drive me mad with this team at times. There is still no excuse to lose to Missouri and Ms State. But I am satisfied with where we are at this point. We need to see consistent improvement in recruiting, and that seems to be off to a good start.

I have, of course, changed my mind as far as believing we need any head coaching change.

I am in the same boat. Not sure how a loss at Mizzou and a loss at home to Vandy wouldn’t have lead to questions though.

While, like you, I never called for his job, had the season not turned around and the Hogs not made the tournament, a firing would have been justified IMO. I am glad it is a moot point.

MA deserves credit for being a steadying force. A lot of people (myself included even though until then I had repeatedly said we would win 23-25, be a solid, non-bubble Ncaat and many of our fans would enjoy non of it) freaked out.

What did MA say? He got ripped for it but a day after the Vandy loss he said he thought we had a very good team that could compete, nationally.

They’re proving it. The rankings are kinda ridiculous. If you don’t start in the Top 25 it is very hard to get in the rankings.

But, if you start there early like Usce you can play awful for over a month and still be in the discussion.

A P5 team that won 25 and 14 (conf games), 10+ road and neutral wins, had very solid computer numbers, finished 3rd in regular season and made the SECCG should be ranked or close and higher than the 8-9 line.

There’s a lot of group think in the national hoops media.

This week, native Arkansan and national hoops sportswriter Dan Wolken had a super hot take and was keeping it real saying tweeting that we hadn’t beaten anyone and essentially were a bad “lock” for Ncaat.

It was dumb then and looks dumber now.

I rarely agree with you but agree with all this. There were reasons to question things after those Mizzou and Vandy losses (although Vandy’s run down the stretch made that loss not look as bad).

The good thing is they answered the questions, pretty emphatically. They changed up some things defensively and tweaked the rotation and have been a Top 20 type team down the stretch as a result.

Baked you talking to me? I know I’ve never called for Mikes head

I hated those two losses and agree we played poorly. But both of those teams played great games against us and may deserve more credit for the win than we deserve blame or the loss.

Yes, I did criticize CMA but never called for his job. It took awhile and the team came together. Great coaching job by Coach Anderson and let’s go out with a tournament championship. I’ll eat my crow now. Go Hogs.

Let me get in this crow thread. I’m eating it and it tastes good. I also don’t believe I ever called for Mike’s job but I did lose faith in the team…the losses were bad.(though Vandy turned out to be really good). I’m glad all are back on the board right now. i believe there was at least one poster who defended Mike and the team, but even he had doubts and said he wasn’t coming back to the board bc it was just too much but he’s back too. If the most positive defenders can have doubts, I think the rest of us could too when the season looked rough.