I was wrong about the gap in the stadium...

The stadium looks beautiful from the exterior and from the top of Maple looking down as I walked to the game. Sitting below the mountains down in the valley, it is something. The gap really is to be viewed from the exterior, not the inside of the stadium.

The Hog statue paid for by Jerry Jones and family is simply fantastic. It is way cool.

The Broyles statue needs to be re-done…it looks like an old man, not the vibrant, energetic man he was. He should be shown as a younger man with his shirttail out and flapping in the breeze.

This stadium should be a very nice recruiting tool for the coach.

My apologies to the architect.

Agree with all of Jhawg’s points, today was my first time to see the stadium since the renovation and it was awesome!

I have been told the Broyles statue is loosely meant to be him at the end of the '65 Cotton Bowl. The shirttail is out.

That was my understanding too. As a young man he coached in a tie. Later on he went to golf shirts. Either way, the shirttail came out.

Perhaps it’s sacrilege, but I don’t think it’s a good likeness of Coach Broyles. I don’t mind the way he’s portrayed, it’s just that I think it’s not as good as other sculptures I’ve seen, including the one of John McDonnell.

Agree. The pose captures the man, but it really doesn’t look too much like him, IMO.

Coach Broyles wore a white dress shirt and a red and white silk rep tie most of the time with grey slacks, as we called them. He was young, red-haired and out of control. He was barely contain himself during a game. He was animated and the blazer would come off and the shirttail would come out. These are my memories of him…he came to coach us in 1957 or 1958 when I was a little boy, and I remember him well. He was something…a legend.

By the way, Matt did an interview in September with Brady Spencer, the main architect at Populous on the NEZ project, who happens to be a native Arkansan and UA graduate. The gap was his idea, and he sold it to Jeff Long and everyone else.

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