I was told by a Texas contact

that Odom also had an offer to be DC at Texas.

He was smart enough to know that was a dead-end street!

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Not surprised- Herman is on last year though, he will need 8/9 wins to stay the capt or a very strong team that at least dominates kansas, beats iowa state and goes hard against baylor.

Herman went 1-2 against them and Les Miles almost has him at home.

That means Odom would be looking for a job again- he knows pittman is getting 3/4 years…and we all know chad would have gotten 2 more years had he beat UK, WKU and san jose state. Those were 3 wins!!! And if they could have shown up against miss state- we have another conversation.

Hog fans are realistic, and they dream big but they are not as ungrounded as UT alum …then again the Longhorn is the most valuable ncaa icon of all time.

Odom will be a HC again in the Sec and he’s in a good place to build this defense from the ground up, wish Barry the best. WPS


Just Wow

Wow, that’s crazy, Sam did a great job

Not surprising. What assistant wants to take a job with a lame duck coach?

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Another example of respect for CSP and his recruiting. Not only good players but good coaches to. Feeling very fortunate.