I was so glad to see Trey Knox make some big plays

Trey Knox is a great kid and I’m sure he’s been disappointed he hasn’t been able to make the impact everybody thought he would. He made some very good blocks yesterday and some very good catches especially on that last drive… well done Trey!! Great job! He puts on about 15 or 20 lb he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with next year


I doubt he puts on 20 more. Will be tough. But he’s doing well and his blocking on perimeter is good now.

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Happy for him as well.

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Interesting comment by SEC tv announcers , quoting KB that Trey could have a pro career as tight end in the offenses that the NFL is running for them at this time. I thought it was interesting because it was the ability to block and catch the ball in space . Trey did well at Ole Miss and yesterday in that role but had not viewed his future that highly until the KB remark was mentioned. SP is hight on him too.

Who is KP?

My bad, mean KB . Kendal Briles

Yeah tough for these tall lean athletes like Trey to do that for sure probably, me on the other hand can put on 20 lb in about 3 months if I didn’t exercise all the time LOL

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I thought maybe Sam put a coach on kitchen patrol.


He brought a lot of energy as well. Kid ran everywhere he went. He was as focused and as full of energy as I have seen him.


I’ve noticed Trey being a leader on the sidelines too. Even when he was not playing. I like the young man a lot.


Always liked his energy and positivity. I hope he continues developing at TE and with our NFL experienced coach he probably will. Keep going Trey and go grab some big bucks.

You have to really admire a kid who had a dominant high school career and then did not play much or have success in college. Trey kept a great attitude, worked hard, and was willing to change positions. I believe that he will be playmaker and make great contributions for the rest of his Razorback career.

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Knox and Henry could be a nice little TE combo for us down the stretch and next year….

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I dunno, I saw a guy who could step in for Burks next year. Tight end, huh?

Yeah he’ll be a tight end… doesn’t have the speed to replace Burks. I really hope he achieves great success the rest of this year and next year he deserves it

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He may be pegged for tight end, many a successful receiver without speed, much less Burks speed. I can remember one here just a few years ago, his brother is playing linebacker now. One on the Raiders now from Clemson, tearing up the NFL. Of course I could go on and on.

Trey Knox is a team player! His blocking has been key in a lot of run plays! The passes he has caught extending drives are huge as well.
I’m happy to see the young man have success.

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Very true but for some reason he couldn’t get it done at wide receiver he had plenty of chances, never could get any separation that’s why they moved him to TE to give him a chance to play and he’s doing very well. He has a chance to play at the next level at TE

If he stays healthy, I believe he will play in the NFL.

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