I was right...and wrong

I said we could only lose if we played terrible. I was right.
But I also said we would dominate the offensive glass. Wrong! I was shocked at how well they rebounded against us. And that includes when we had 2 bigs…even JWill.

I also said we needed another threat from 3 besides Moses and JD. I still believe that. In order to advance. BUT I am happy if that proves to be incorrect…or if JD and Moses hit all the 3’s we need.

We did dominate the points in the paint. Thank you Smith! But also Tate! I loved the set where we iso’d Tate, let him back down, and distribute. That was a killer.

Proud of this team. The grit. Proud Muss assessed the situation and tapped into the inner Nolan of the program. Maybe not the jump switch scheme…but certainly the “scratch and claw full court” mindset. Nolan (and Mike) would have LOVE them some Devo.


Well said…totally agree.

Any coach would want Devo. He would have been a terror in 40 minutes of hell.

I’m not sure what Tate shot from three last game but he can be that other threat. He definitely was our biggest threat on offense for a lot of that game.

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