I was on CSU Campus Today

Had to finish up 3 different trials. You would never know there is any game in 2 days. Nothing. Well, my Grad Assistant did his undergrad work at NDSU and saw them win 2 National titles and come close the other two years as well as to go into Iowa and win so he likes football. He also played QB in HS. He asked me about the game and is going. All students have to do is show up with ID and walk in. He said he will be pulling for the Hogs and told me that if my seats were that bad, to come down and sit with him in the student section. Be plenty of seats he said.

Aloha Jim,

I am so very happy for you to have the Hogs and Clay in town! What a double win! Please post as many insights you can manage. I’m anxious to read them all! Have fun amigo!


Hey Jim, is Clay sufficiently trained enough to brush, saddle and put the bit on the horse he rides?

Sound like ya’ll had a good week. Hope it end even better.

I’ll answer that. I was well trained in that. Twice. Have not had to do that in awhile. But Jim made me do that when we rode into wilderness country. I had to go into pasture, catch the horse and set the bit, bridle, etc. I learned to saddle and ride. It was not difficult. And jim’s horses are pretty easy.

I am not a cowboy. But I do what my cowboy says and stay in the middle of the horse.

When the boss decides to do something, he usually goes all in

Yep, he use to could do all of that. The last few times he has been out, he always said we don’t need the horses. I always thought it was because it does take some effort an was not necessary, but perhaps it wasn’t that. I am taking them up to elk camp Sunday morning. Clay knows where that is. Maybe he will show up there.

I could tell a few funny Clay horse stories, but happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so to speak. He WAS on the way to becoming a decent rider. He even bought the right jean for the job. Of course, I do not have his trusted horse anymore.

Clay has always been a really good sport about all of this. It is not easy to “stay in the middle” of a horse up and down some of these mountains for hours. It is hard work even for long time riders.

I was lucky enough to meet Clay’s favorite horse. My friend Sarah and I went to dog shows in Greeley several years ago. We went to Jim’s house while we were there. And Jim, gentleman that he is, took us out to dinner.

To thank him for his hospitality, Sarah’s husband tied some flies for Jim, Clay, and Gage. They were the Razorback collection. I’m not sure if any of them caught any fish, but it was fun to see.