I was not online yet but read HI for Hog news

When Arkansas was looking for a coach and my impression was they, Broyles, wanted Tubby who had done a very good job at Ole Miss but it seemed to me Tubby wanted more than Arkansas wanted to pay. I was surprised when HDN was introduced.
So I ask you guys who were much closer to Fayetteville than I am if my impression about Tubby was correct or a poor memory. Actually before he went to Ole Miss I had never heard of Tubby.

I do not think it was money that prevented it from being Tommy Tuberville. The majority on the committee favored Houston Nutt. I think Bill Montgomery – with guidance from Frank Broyles – was among some on the committee who favored Tuberville. I think one of the key aspects of the committee was that Jim Lindsey favored Houston Nutt. I do know that when Houston comes to town there aren’t many times that he doesn’t go see Mr. Lindsey.

thanks, Clay. I was too far away to know much inside stuff. I personally was surprised when it was Houston they hired.

This was all during the John White era. He insisted that any candidate must appear on campus for an interview. No big name coach was going to cut his own throat and do that. Frank knew this and was dealing by way of 3rd party cutouts so the coach could deny any rumors.

In the case of the Houston Nutt hire, the committee did interview Tuberville, in New York City surrounding the trip to the Football Foundation Hall of Fame. Tuberville did meet with everyone who he needed to see. He just didn’t get the job.