I was not impressed, is it time to worry?

I get it was an exhibition game, but we did not look quick, didn’t appear to rebound very well (haven’t looked at the stats, that is just how it felt watching it).

Had a 16 point lead, let it get down to 3.

Again, I understand it was an exhibition. Just wanting some input from those that know more basketball than I do (which is most on here).

Well, injuries have hindered team progress…

Trying to fit new pieces w/returning pieces and make it gel takes time…

Best big out (Jaylin), Khamani also.out. .get those 2 back and rebounding should improve…

KK looks rusty…just needs playing time

Need better rebounding efforts from Toney and Umude…

need more scoring from Umude…I know he’s capable of being a 15+ ppg scorer as the.talent is there…

but yeah, tbh, sorta disappointed with team’s play out of the gate…although I should say Arkansas always kinda struggles w/UNT becuz of their slow down, grind it out style…

It’s very early but we should be mauling these teams. Scoring like crazy and destroying the rims. It ought to be a freak show out there.

We should be proving who we think we are, and having fun doing it. Big difference in thinking you are all that and being all that. Gotta prove it every game.

But I’m not worried, they will get it sorted out. It’s mental. It’s the only reason I can come up with on why we are not destroying these teams. We are clearly not displaying our ability.

We will be fine.

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UNT won their league last year. They aren’t slouches.

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I don’t listen to the game. This is only my opinion. Until everyone is healthy and able to play we won’t learn much.
There’s a lot of talent that just needs time! I’m not worried. We will see a different look several times in the next few weeks. CEM is learning how to get it done right now. He knows what he is doing

Remember last year. It takes time for brand new teams to come together

We didn’t beat North Texas, much different that we did last yr. We ended up ok.

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We do not have a replacement for Justin Smith. A big hole.

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I think Jaylin is the eventual replacement for Justin, at least will provide that interior scoring. Just needs to get healthy.

If this was January 30th, and we looked this unsettled, I would agree with your concern. But this is October.

This team returns 3 players with any significant SEC experience (Notae, Devo, and Williams…… Vanover’s minutes came mostly in the non conference schedule last year). To them you add a very inexperienced returnee (KK) and 6 transfers.

Game situations builds chemistry. So far, limited opportunities have not allowed much chemistry to develop. Coach Muss doesn’t even know who the top 7-9 will be at this point…… especially given early injuries.

It might take longer into the season than many fans will like, for this team to gain an identity, gel, and begin playing where last year’s team left off. But, if history is an indicator, this coaching staff will see that it happens.


I hate it that his lower back is ailing him. Hopefully he can take it easy for the next week or so and get healthy for the season to start.

This is just an exhibition. Would like to see two to three regular games to have an opinion. But just for the record, NT lost three starters from last year and is picked to finish 5th this year.

Absolutely not worried here. I was at the game this afternoon and what I saw was this. . . with 5 minutes left in the 1st half UNT had scored 12 points were in the low 20s fg%. Both teams were absolutely hammering it on defense. Then, two momentary lapses, not paying attention and UNT scored 4 points in 10 seconds got it back down to I think 11 point lead. We buckled back down till about 10 minutes in the 2nd half when we let up a little and they started creeping back in. I wasn’t worried at all till it got to 3 and Chris had a steal and score and that was pretty much it.

Enormous number of touch fouls called, not sure where the refs came from but it was called tight. Devo was matched up on someone that was quicker than him and kept driving into him, got him in foul trouble quickly. Good strategy on their part. KK came in and did a good job, as someone else said he might be a little rusty but he was the guy in the first half. With him, in he was making things happen. He was getting the ball into the right position at the right time. I was a little surprised he didn’t get more playing time in the 2nd half. He played 13 minutes in the first half and was +17. Finished the game with 18 minutes and +13

I think they were prepared to handle Devo. Had a game plan to try and get him in foul trouble, but not for KK.

I thought Lykes did a good job but got a little careless at times. I am a little surprised, he got 24 minutes and was worst ± at -6. Devo was 2nd from the bottom with ± at -4.

I would have to go back and watch, but I think that when Lykes was in was when some of the defensive breakdowns occurred. He did have a nice steal and score at a very critical time at the end of the game.

Notae and Toney in the game for 36 and 35 minutes both with a +9 but being so many minutes the ± doesn’t say as much. Wade in the game for 17 minutes with the best ± at +15. To me that really shows how much we were missing Jaylin.

This was a good team we were playing against, scrappy fighters. I thought we handled them for the first 30 minutes and then when we put it on cruise control, they fought back, we bowed up and kept them from winning.

As usual, defense is ahead of offense.

P.S. In retrospect, I think the number of fouls played a big part in less defense later in the game. They don’t have defending when in foul trouble down yet. . .

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being a great team is about talent and chemistry and people knowing their roles,its a crap shoot right now bc of injuries and Muss not knowing who can do what,I knew it would take some time but didn’t expect it to look this out of sorts…J WIll is a big part of the team,they wouldn’t have dominated the glass with him in today I can assure you…We are a work in progress

How can you have an opinion if you did not listen to it

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Arkansas was missing two players today, and I don’t think Vanover or Wade are full strength. This will be a much different looking team in a month once those injuries are healed and the players have gelled more.

I thought North Texas might win today. That’s a team that always plays hard defensively and that seemed to be the case again today.

Arkansas’ rebounding was not good today, but I think that will improve some as the bigs get healthy.

I liked the look of the team with Lykes, Davis, Notae and Umude on the floor together. It will be interesting to watch if a post fits into a rotation with those four.


I also think Toney will be more of an offensive choice as he gets comfortable… he has a nice stroke

Yeah back spasms… unfortunately that type of injury tends to linger and it does hurt like hell feel for him

Replace Lykes w/ KK and I think you’re right

KK didn’t play huge minutes but I think that was Muss being cautious

Always learn so much from Muss’ press conferences

He was very complimentary of Trey Wade

Sounds like he can be a major contributor and provide some interior scoring

“a physical presence who’s played in big games” is how Muss described him

I like the sound of that