I was just watching a replay of Slavens' homer

And it sure looks like between third and home, he’s yelling at somebody on the field, whether it was the pitcher or an infielder. That may also be related to Costieu’s reaction in the 8th. Perhaps one of the Gators had been running his mouth a bit. FWIW.

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I wondered, there was something going on

I think I know what this is about,that LH came in the other night and K out somebody,may have been Slavens and was just glaring back at them as he was going to the dugout.

Yep I just looked it up He K Slavens looking in the B8th Thurs and Glared at him. DVH said That was the 1st hit to a LH that guy had given up

I think Slavens was yelling at the pitcher. It seemed like there was something going on between the dugouts today. A lot of times you can kind of hear it from the stands, but today’s game was so loud that you couldn’t.

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