I was intrigued how Briles used Burks as a decoy several times ---------------

-------------------- on the goal line, you could see the Texas defense getting all excited and bothered when Burks lined up as a tailback with Johnson as an offset fullback. KJ went right like it was going to be an option and handed to Johnson coming back to the offside on a trap. The Texas defensive backs and linebackers were flying to the side to defend the outside option, the two linemen were well blocked, and Johnson scored. Nice play call.


I agree!! Very good play design and call

That was set up nicely and Johnson is a load.

Texas played both safeties really deep to protect from deep routes from the slot. That REALLY helped the running game and exposed some average UT linebackers.

Meaning Burks threat to go deep opened up the running game?

Texas kept safeties deep entire game. I figure it was partly due to Burks. Yes.

There was an interesting play near the goal line where Briles had Burks in the slot, two receivers in front of a flanked out Trelon Smith on the far left and a single receiver on the far right with single coverage. I think the lone receiver on the right was Morris or Jackson. KJ threw to Burks short for little gain. The announcers were pointing out that Smith had two blockers on only two defenders in front of him and might have been the better choice. Some day, we will have a receiver that can’t be covered one-on-one on that right side and that could be a great choice for a throw, too.

I say the entire game. On the goal line, everyone plays different. Lots of man-to-man there.

I watched the replay on ESPNU last night. It was clear that Texas was playing soft in the box to protect from big plays in the passing game. You should be able to run against that scheme.

I doubt we see that again, although I do think Jefferson can pass well enough to burn man-to-man.

The Arkansas scheme on defense was also light in the box, but they whipped the Texas offensive line with four or five with relatively ease. Linebackers were hardly ever blocked. Hayden Henry and Grant Morgan just flashed past blockers with ease. Bumper started off a little slow (on that drive after the interception), but he was shedding blocks after that.

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