I was in a Town In NE Yesterday

and drove by a nice new baseball stadium on the way to the airport. I had to look at it and wonder if the Hogs may play in that stadium later this year. Todays results are another small step of many toward that stadium. Guess I will have to go if that happens.

I’ve been to that stadium the two times that Arkansas was there. It is worth the trip. While it doesn’t have the tradition and the quirkiness of the old stadium, it is growing its own traditions and is worth the trip!

I never made it to Rosenblatt, but I have gone to Omaha the last two times Arkansas was there in 2012 and 2015. Going to the College World Series is definitely a great experience and not terribly expensive.

Took me a minute to realize your “NE” meant Nebraska rather than the Northeast. But now that it finally hit me, I think we have a very good chance to get there. At least as good as anyone else & a much better chance than most.

We love going up to Omaha. The stadium and the area around it is a lot of fun on game days. There is some great food in town.

I realized in the past year that I have an old friend who lives in Omaha, not far from the ballpark, thus automatic place to stay next time we’re Omahogs again. Last time I would have driven up for the third game if we’d survived the first elimination game, but no such luck.