I was happy the game was close…

Once it was over. It made for a great night inside the Stadium. This was an SEC game type crowd. The atmosphere inside the Stadium was really really good. The roar on the punt return was awesome. I really never doubted we were gonna win this game so I was never nervous. Sam’s teams are not like Chad’s or Brett’s teams. They are confident and well coached. That is why I never thought for one second we would lose. A big round of applause for those who attended tonight. Well done. It was worth every penny to be there tonight.


@beefhog well said!

Not there. But I was nervous as heck. Down 17-Zippo I really thought MU State could actually win this game. The shovel pass and the punt return were to say the very least-- Huge. The team composure was just amazing.

The 4th and 10 call if successful then everyone would have been talking how great a play calling that was.
A tip of the hat to the team for showing Grit! Grit that could prove to be a significant point in our season. Yes it’s 1/4 the way through our season but that 17- Zip is huge. The Gaggy game really looks large for our season final record.

17- Zip is a memory and BP in the house one that will live for years!

I don’t think there is any doubt that a close win benefits us more than a route in a game like this. No chance of being over confident next week. Much to work on, and now we have the confidence of knowing we can come from behind.

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No, even successful I would never say it was great play calling. Reminded me a lot of Hootie back in the day calling a draw play on 3rd and 25. There are so many more plays that give you a better chance of converting.


Sorry, the 4-1 long “up-the-middle” play call smacks of a past coach’s repetitive unsuccessful draw plays that he justified for calling by saying, “Boy, but, if one hits…”

Grit, won that game as you have stated. WPS!!!

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I thought the for almost the entire game that Arkansas would come back, but I was starting to doubt a little once it was 27-17. Then Rocket hit that shovel pass up the middle two plays later and I was confident again.

The offensive responses when the team was down 17 and 10 were great. The defensive responses were good in those moments, too.

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Defensive pass rush in fourth quarter was key. They stopped the momentum and set up the offense and special teams. The two lines started leaning on Mo. State with about @17 minutes to go. I felt better at that point in time.

It was a bad call. No doubt about it, but it wasn’t totally irrational. If BP’s 4th down pass was dropped or overthrown, it would have been a bad call. We all recognize bad calls after they fail.

I will trade you 10 HDN draw play calls for 1 BMFP out-his-hat calls…so long as he is around to kill any of his players that fail to catch, and then run like a Bat Out of Hell!!

I wonder if Mallet still wakes at night in fear of Petrino in his face with another fear-for-your-life sideline rant?

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HDN didn’t make that call.

Pittman’s response in post game when asked about the 4th and 9 was awesome.


Pittman made reference to the fourth-and-9 play call during his halftime radio interview, along with some other elements of the half he was not happy about. I watched him after the play. He turned and said something to Kendal Briles in a somewhat agitated manner.


Which one…in those not-so-long-ago days it took multiple years of repeated failed draw-plays to finally have the question raised in his coach’s show. To give credit he did have a couple of draw calls work successfully but the ratio was minuscule, and of course never a surprise.

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He didn’t make the 4th & 9 call against Mo St.

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