I was curious about Michael Woods stats last week at ZeroU ----------

-------------------- saw he had 4 receptions for 36 which was the 4th receiver in productivity. About the same number of catches as he would have had for us I guess.

The wierd thing is that on his page, his photo has him in an Arkansas jersey. Pig on the shoulder and SEC on the face of the jersey. Is ZeroU too cheap to take a new picture for their stat pages?

Woods at OU in Hog Jersey


I’m mad he left. But OU media guys said he was one of the best receivers in fall camp. Marvin Mims is their top guy and a couple of others are ahead of Woods probably. And KJ isn’t close to Rattler as a passer. And Briles isn’t close to Riley as a play caller. It’s over. He can do his thing there.

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Michael who?


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