I was amused that Lykes is great defender

Zero U, seemed to isolate and target him with height mismatches which created defensive chaos and lots of Jaylin Williams attention. As a point of controversy or contention, at the moment I would strongly prefer having Justice Hill on roster. Now playing great and representing Murray every night post game because he is obviously his dad’s son in a good way. I know that ship done sailed, but Justice is a player that fits anywhere he is. Lykes on the back with us trying to defend 3’s or pressing just looked so vulnerable. The twitter of Lykes off court behavior in KC was disconcerting and had enough contributions to have to have considered it to be valid, that it has truly biased me about Lykes in more than just his on court play. No matter, the real point is that it seems EM tried to pre-empt that Lykes is a defensive liability before proven on court. That is a great job by coach. Justice is a better shooter and distributor than Lykes if we keep it to little guys on the court.

I thought Chris did some valuable things defensively, especially in the first half. I mean, one time he forced Jordan Goldwire into a fadeaway jumper on the baseline, and drew a couple of charges. He’s certainly got his limitations on that end and can get lost off the ball, so I get the frustrations.

Musselman did not say the other night that Lykes was a great defender. He said he made a nice leap as a defender and did things that he had not been doing consistently in previous games.

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Lykes isn’t a bad defender. His height is a liability on the defensive end of the court at times, but we all knew this coming into the season.

Muss called him out twice in press conference for giving up three and said his turnover was turning point in game. Not exactly a vote of confidence from your coach

Every guard on this team is over-dribbling right now. Move the damn ball.


Agree 100%, stop the cute ball dribbling exhibition and pass the ball !! I’ve heard all my life you play like you practice, if that’s the case it should be a warning sign. WPS

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