I was 84 years old yesterday and

I assume it is age but I cannot get very enthused about the upcoming season. In fact I have less vigor even thinking about the next season and sure hope a couple wins changes that. But it is truly hard for me to even imagine the Hogs being a contender. I hope I am wrong and feel six or seven wins would be a successful year, But my mind is distant from the one feeling maybe we can win the conference, the bowl game or better. I sure hope a taste of game action changes my outlook.

The fact you’ve taken the time to sit down, subscribe to this forum, and speak your mind, shows you have more enthusiasm than you give yourself credit for. But if you feel like you need justification to do less, you shouldn’t. You’re 84 and have spent a lifetime supporting the program. Don’t worry about your enthusiasm. It’s there. Spend it enjoying the good moments. Ignore the bad ones.

And yes, 6 wins would be a successful year. I think 5 is expected. 7 would be super successful, but not likely.

I can’t get excited, either, even though I’m trying hard to be. I think if we beat Ole Miss I might start feeling some excitement, but when I expect no better than a 5 or 6 win season, it’s just tough to get “up.” Don’t get me wrong, if we win 6 I’ll be very happy with the progress we’ve made from last year & it will give me hope for the future. Even 5 wins will probably do that unless our losses are blow-outs. But it’s one thing to think 5-6 wins means progress. It’s another to think that’s exciting.

I get what you guy are saying but I don’t see successful in any of those or super successful. I see more of, it is what is, and that’s about as good as it can get at this point.

Happy birthday!

Thanks, I hope I see more of them than Hog wins this year.

Happy Birthday Bobghawg!

I’m always excited about the season opening.

I dream of upsets by our Razorbacks. Multiple upsets. No, I’m neither drinking
nor smoking weed. I do drink Kool-Aid in July and August, but mostly sweet tea.

I believe the glass is half-full until it gets knocked to the ground. Only when
the sixth win is no longer possible.

First off - Happy Birthday!

Otherwise, I think most of us are in the same “sea of tranquility” where enthusiasm is concerned. Oh, I always am happy to see football season return. Even if Arkansas isn’t very good, I do enjoy watching other quality match-ups, and the SEC is chock-full of them year in and year out.

That said, any season that Arkansas is in contention for something meaningful is always a great deal more enjoyable than seasons when they are not. Us “oldsters” were spoiled for about 30 years, and even though we’ve been beaten over the head with mediocrity for most of the past 20 seasons, we still remember what it USED to be like.

Like you, I hope that we finally are trending in the right direction. But I’m realistic enough to know that even if we are, it may be 5 years before we are truly prepared and equipped to battle for a conference title on relatively even terms. That is our reality.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, wish you many more filled with Razorback victories! WPS


Awesome Baby! Calling the Hogs at 84! I hope and pray to be as blessed as you are.

As long as I see great effort by the coaches and players, I’m all in for the Hogs. A .500 season will be great. Especially considering our OL and overall lack of depth and speed…which can’t improve fast enough! A bowl win would be special. It’s about time good things start to happen for the Hogs. They need our positive attitude and spirit. I am expecting four non-conference wins and a couple of SEC victories. One to be a stunner.

Go Hogs Go!

More like " sea of heartbreak".

BobGhawg, happy birthday and many more… I am 85 and excited as hell. number one being alive–number 2- I think coach Morris is going to turn things around., number3 my thoughts are that he has already turned things around and will keep it turning… I can not under stand why some of you are so turned off. Look at all the new recruits which are mostly #4…Look at what he did at clemmson… And what he is doing at Arkansas! Course its to each his own…

When the hogs start out 5-0, jump back on here and let us know if the excitement is back. Yes sir, after the hogs beat the over confident and over rated Aggies, they will be 5-0. That should get you hopes back up. You heard it here first…….a 5-0 start for the hogs, and to be more exact, it will be a 4th quarter come back led by Starkel while the cameras show the sour puss face of Jimbo Fisher unable to do anything about it. Remember how pissed he was last year when they did not trounce the hogs, well…he is going to more pissed this year.

Razor, you have the right formula. I would love to see it come about. Actually 3-0 would ignite a fire.

I’m pumped. Can’t wait. Love football. That never changes.

I want to see how the Chad Morris brand of football performs this year. I am not overly enthusiastic but I will definitely follow the Hogs. I have a retired friend in St. Louis who has an Ole Miss friend with a condo in Oxford where she stays when Ole Miss plays. The Old Miss friend says that they may not be that good this year but she is looking at the Arkansas game to determine how the season may go. Interesting how that game affects the fan base of both teams.

Congratulations Bob…on making it to 84. That is pretty cool.

I am 71 and can’t believe I am that danged old. Time flies when you are havin’ fun.

You and I have both lived through the golden age of Razorback football…the 60’s. We probably won’t ever see that kind of football again, but I would just love to win an SEC Championship. Today that looks like it is impossible, but we just don’t know. It could be in our future.

I’ve predicted 4-8 since last year. However, if we do beat Ole Miss, I can see us starting 5-1 (W’s vs both non conf, Ole Miss and KY, L to aTm). I do think that maybe the second most important game on the schedule right now. Obviously, Portland St is first (and these small FCS schools always try to prove they belong).