I want to say that I thought we would get blown out

last night, nobody could have convinced me other wise.

I think we can all agree that the Friars were pretty bad last night. I think Vandy would have beat them last night. But hey that’s there fault and not ours.

The one thing that kind of wore me out was Harris turning the ball over. You ever notice almost every turnover he has he tries to blame someone else? He throws one out of bounds last night, falls down and starts pointing and yelling at Mason.

Overall we played really well. Once we found out they couldn’t shoot, the match up zone was very effective. If Chaney stays and develops a 10-12 foot jumper he will be tough to handle. I wish I knew what his vertical was…dude can jump.

Do we have any idea why there was a love affair with coach Ed Cooley last night on the broadcast? They either showed him or talked about him all night.

What do yall think about the rules they used. I liked the no one and one on free throws, the game seemed to flow much better. The wider lane didn’t seem to make much difference, the refs still let you stay in there the entire possession. I don’t think moving the 3 point line back to where it was really changes much. Kids now a days jack them from nba range all the time.

Just a side note on my two boys:
My son K.J. Corder is being recruited by a few NAIA schools but we are hoping for a D2 offer soon. Most of the NAIA schools are private faith based schools and they don’t offer full rides. The tuition at these places are crazy so we have some thinking to do.

My adopted son Paris Harris is being recruited by UCA, A State, South Alabama, Grambling and a few other D1 schools. No offers yet but his Juco coach said he should have a handful when he returns from spring break.

Hope you guys have a great day!

Good luck to your kids.

Did I cover your dad or another relative coaching the year I spent at the Hot Springs Sentinel Record in 1985-86?

As for Providence, all I read and heard before the game was how much better they were than Arkansas because of the teams they had beaten, how Arkansas had no chance to win, especially with out Daniel Gafford and they might get beat by 30.

I thought Arkansas would get beat although as I said on Buzz 103.7 on Tuesday that they would play with a chip on their shoulder because of the criticism and hatred of the coach being viewed by the players as that sentiment directed toward them as well.

Providence did not play well, did not shoot the ball well, but some of that has to bve credit given the head coach and players.

Just as they deserved the blame when things have gone bad at times this season.

I like having the wider lane and am indifferent about the 3-point line. But I do not like the elimination of the 1-and-1. It’s just part of the game to me.

My Uncle was Alvin Corder and he was the head coach at Hot Springs High during that time. He had some great teams in the late 80’s and through the 90’s. His son Eddie went on to have a great career at Arkansas Tech. Sadly my uncle died of cancer a few years after he retired.

re: Harris, the thing I notice is that when he has a turn over he does not just have that one, seems to me that he has another one right behind it or he makes some other mistake. Two in a row at least. I notice that Anderson started pulling him when he had a to and letting him set for a while. As to the announcers and their slant to the other team, I think they were Providence program announcers.

I kind a like that and I also like the foul reset at 10 minutes

He was very nice to a young reporter and a good man.

Thank you Dudley…he was a great person.