I want my Arkansas Razorbacks back

I’m tired of watching bad football by teams wearing someone else’s uniforms. I don’t want to root for the Dallas Red Cowboys or Anthracite and Public Enemy. I don’t care what the kids want, I want to look like a vintage Arkansas Razorback team and play like a vintage Arkansas Razorback team. That means a team that is fundamentally sound in all areas and plays hard, tough, mean and physical for 60 minutes. Probably not the most talented team in the country, but one that gets the most out of the talent we have. Frank won here. Lou won here. Kenny won here. They never had top 10 rated recruiting classes but they all coached teams that looked and played like Arkansas Razorbacks. Is that asking for too much?

I like how they look and hate how they play!

I totally agree. It would be nice. When the defense held on 4th down early and we took the ball I thought we would do something. But when we got the stop on the drive and fumbled the punt it was over.
This staff has no clue or idea. Malzan out coached B. Period.
The old red and white uniforms need to come back.

everytime i see GUS i remember how he was the Next big thing in coaching…

i know many on here detest him and i forget all the reasons

he sure has been successful
moreso than arkansas since he departed and the feud began

just one more thing to make the game bad
continue this awful season… this awful era

ENOUGH already please !!!

Agree l like the look which has nothing to do with their play.

It looked to me that Auburn had better players at almost every position. Of course, that shouldn’t be the case.

I agree. The uniforms are horrible. Nothing about the program reminds me of the Razorbacks I grew up loving. The program has lost touch with the fans. I could care less what the kids want to wear. The kids we are recruiting are playing down to the level of our high schoolish attire. I turned on the TV and didn’t even recognize our team. What idiot is making the uniform decisions? I’m disgusted with the whole show on the hill. I’m sick of trying to appeal to recruits by uniform changes. We had a classic most recognizable look in CFB. Go back to the basics and recruit kids that play like Razorbacks. I guarantee if a vote was taken we’d be wearing our traditional unis, not this anthracite crap with tusks coming out everywhere and not a running razorback to be seen. I would mandate this right after BB and JL are shown the door.

Those are really ugly uniforms, hate them and always have. Some say they help in recruiting. Really? They obviously don’t.

Great point! For 10 years I have been waiting to see how ditching our classic look will lead to better recruiting classes. Still waiting.

I agree with eagle. I hate the uniforms. It doesn’t appear they help with recruiting enough for us to win. They don’t inspire great play. In the end they’re just uniforms, but they’re not Razorback uniforms. Our colors are cardinal & white. The red helmet with the white running Razorback on the side is iconic. I want it back.

As for Gus “outcoaching” Bielema, I disagree. As neils said, it’s talent that made the difference. Like it or not, Auburn can recruit better than we can. Plus Auburn has a strong history of cheating. I have no evidence they’re doing it right now, but if something came out I would not suddenly faint from shock.

I know we have not performed like any of us want, but with the possible exception of South Carolina, we haven’t faced a team that didn’t have much more talent than we do. Most of the difference has been on the O-line. We’ve either mis-evaluated, under-recruited, or simply been unlucky there. We seem to have some young talent. That goal-line stand told me we have some ability there. The kick return by freshman Warren told me we have some exciting skill players. The muffed punt was a killer, but I don’t blame that on coaching for one minute. These are still college kids. They’ll do dumb things. Dalton wasn’t coached to run into Toliver, but he did it. There’s not a coach in America who can prevent every such dumb mistake.

Agree with OP. Two friends, one OM and one Bama, texted me and both said
“I thought your colors were Cardinal and White”.