I want all of you to remember

The feelings you have right now of this hire. Everyone is saying we have the right guy and how proud we are of HY for snatching him up. I couldn’t agree more.

As we all know, Pittman may or may not have success here. If he doesn’t, please don’t turn sour and claim he was a terrible choice. This is the right guy at the right time. Everyone knows there is risk involved, but you can’t win big without taking some risks. I commend HY for taking this risk, and I won’t regret it.

People, myself included, turned quickly on CCM, and I hope a guy who has a passion for the razorbacks doesn’t get the same treatment.


I’m tempted to pin this post…

Agree completely. Sam is what we needed right now. Coaching with the heart and the head. But he may not succeed. We’re in a deep hole. For Morris’ failures, I’ll credit him with recruiting well enough that Sam at least has a better chance to get us out of that hole.

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Mountain, I’m gonna disagree with you, if he’s the right choice, he won’t fail.

Now, I’m not talking about next year, I believe next year if he wins three games he will have done an incredible job. I’m talking 3-4 years and he’s only winning two three wins a year. He would be a mistake and a failure.

Before anybody says anything, I’m not anti Pittman and hoping he fails, I’m hoping he succeeds. Love football, especially Razorback football, just haven’t seen any in three years. I really hope I see Razorback football again, soon.

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Results matter—nothing personal just business. HY was correct that this was the most important hire and he is correct. 35k fans in stands got Ford and Morris fired, not because they did not want to succeed or were not good coaches, they just did not win.

Personally Sam was not my first choice and if I was betting my last two dollars , I would not place it on him being successful learning on the job in the SEC West. I have been a long suffering Hawg fan and I am very pleased to now have an adult in control and what I would say is just a " ball coach " who will work the hours needed to be successful. I will take that with his love of the school, recruiting and fundamentals and support him like crazy if he gets this leaking ship in shape. So far the assistant news and initial reaction by existing players and recruits warrants full support for him.

I will also support HY who passed the second time on his first choice to select SP for the three reasons he listed in the press conference. HY needs SP to do well too and I want HY to be here for a long time so I support this choice for that reason too.

I would be nice to be pulling together in football, basketball and baseball for a change. I appreciated the basketball coaches clip and the comments on the baseball coach coach on SP’s hire. All are good representatives of our Hawgs , as are other coaches, that we should be proud of and support.

I do not think this is a good hire at all and it’s not because I don’t like Sam Pittman as a man - quite the opposite. I think he’s an awesome dude and can see why players love him and he can recruit so well!

I just think given our current state a proven program builder and/or an elite offensive mind with HC experience is desperately needed. Also, The SECW is no place to learn how to be a HC IMO - Matt Luke, Joe Moorehead, and Ed O’s struggles at Ole Miss stand out in my mind.

That said, I really like Sam as a man and you won’t see me bashing him in year one no matter what and will hold my criticism in year two unless we see no improvement and no effort like we saw under Morris.

I wish him the very best and will be rooting hard for him.

PS Really hope the Barry Odom News is true - I have to think having someone with HC experience by his side would be of great benefit to Sam.

Admittedly I was never excited about CCM. Did my best, but after North Texas, he could never get me back on the train.

I had doubts about him from day one. I could not understand why he got the nod over Norvell, still do not.

I am excited about this hire; I think he was the right hire. I am confident he will succeed. If not, I will get off the train. But as long as they compete and improve each season and each game, I will probably stand by CSP for a good bit, win or lose.

I’m excited about Coach Sam Pitman being our Head Hog. When we had him as our Oline coach we owned the trenches. Our hogs were tough and hit people. We lost that toughness and there’s realistic hope to get it back!

It will be interesting sitting back and watching him put his staff together and assemble this recruiting class! 2 years ago I was hoping Coach Pitman would get the job!

Next season it would be a huge lift just to see our hogs fight and show toughness on the field. If we can win 3 or more games it will be better than what we’ve had it 2 years.

I don’t believe this is accurate

I think Sam Pittman may do a good job here, but let’s try not to spin this. We obviously tried to hire Lane Kiffin and maybe 3 or 4 other guys before we got to Sam. I am okay with that. Most everyone is okay with that. You know Sam Pittman doesn’t care…he is ecstatic these other coaches passed on the opportunity to be the Razorback coach.

Sam Pittman wasn’t my first choice and wasn’t the first choice of many people, but so what? He is our coach, and we will support him. He really wanted this job and will do his best to be a great coach for us. We will do our best to put the Lane Kiffin fiasco behind us and look forward to the future. Go Hogs!


Absolutely have to have experienced coaches on the staff to help Sam in adjusting to game management, personnel matters including offering to recruits and building support staff, etc. No-one person can manage all these details. Watching the staff being put together will tell a lot of where he is.

I believe it will be different for Sam. CCM was never the peoples (fans) choice for our head coach. The peoples choices were Gus, Norvell, and Kiffen. We could have had either the 2nd or third one. Sam wasn’t the favorite either before the hire, but 2 days later was a big fan favorite. That was not the case for Morris. For me, I didn’t expect Morris to succeed (a bowl in the 2nd year), but I sure didn’t expect the 2 years to be as dismal as they were.

I’ll be shocked if Sam’s teams don’t show improvement as the season and each year go on. Morris didn’t show that. That, more than anything was what got him fired quickly.

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I’m hoping the Sam Pittman hire has the early results Michigan has had.

I thought the hiring of Juwan Howard was terrible. So far I’m wrong.

Actually, he had been an assistant for a fantastic coach and has a love for UM that is unique. Results so far are positive.

He also hired Phil Martelli. Maybe Barry Odom will be our Phil Martelli.

I’ve got huge doubts this is going to work, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Agree that everyone is an overstatement. But now is the time for all Hog fans to get behind Sam and cheer him on.

I think we can all agree on that point.

I guess I just don’t see how you can accurately label it a great hire, a bad hire or somewhere in between with so many variables still left out there.

The one thing I am sure of, however, is that not a lot of established head coaches wanted this challenge.

It’s not the job some of you believe it to be. And that’s not coming from people up here.

Yup. And that’s why I think Sam is a fit. He wants to take this on. And I knew it would be this way before WKU, that we didn’t have enough money to throw at an established coach to get him to take the risk.

Tim Tebow made the case for the Arkansas job on the SEC network. What he said is true, and he’s got zero Arkansas bias, and he is not a poster on the Board.

Money – it doesn’t matter who it is, if the money is there, they will come. But it’s foolish to pay crazy money to coaches who don’t merit the pay. The ones who would command that kind of money aren’t leaving their jobs, not happening right now.

And the ones who are in a place where they can make the move want too much money – more than what they are worth. As a BM Donor, I’m sick of the wasted money from overpaid coaches and multi-million dollar payments NOT to coach here.

Pay a coach what he is worth, and if he does not want the job, move on.

You can absolutely judge the hire right now, and everybody knows we are evaluating that job based on right now, all know he’s not coached the first game. Nobody knows whether he will succeed, and the ultimate report card will be his won-loss record. But as of right now, today, and what the program needs – was he a good hire? I think he was.

Sure. I suspect we do that with all our teams.

Just like several others on this thread: I was not wowed by the pick. I am concerned that he has no HC experience. Generally speaking, OJT is not what we need.

That said, I don’t know that we had a better option. Drink? Could we have gotten him? Was it a better option? Ditto on Kiffin.

I am all on board to give Sam a more than fair chance.

My gut tells me this is the right hire. We all have our opinions about it and only time will tell. I think we’re probably three years away from being competitive again and I feel Coach Pittman will get us there. He’s got a tough, tough job ahead and we all need to be patient and supportive as he does that job. WPS!

My gut feeling is that over time this will end up being a very good hire. I get a sense that SP is smart enough to know he has to surround himself with a great staff and ones with head coaching experience (if possible) and let them do their things on either side of the ball and just manage it. Players will fight their tails off for him and that alone could be a difference in an extra win or 2 a year. Add in how well he recruits and it gives your team a chance to only get better over the years. If he puts together a great staff then then I can see it improving sooner rather than later. I am hoping it does because I really like SP!