I’ve seen no growth in this team

My hope was the freshman would grow. We look worse now than we did 6 weeks ago.

Well six weeks ago we were told we would have a different team.

Very poorly coached to this point. Worse than that though, poorly recruited team. No size and very little skill.

Then you aren’t paying attention

Enlighten us then ? We will end up 16-14 or 15-15…please expand on how much better we are down the stretch.

Funny, people were thrilled with this class that’s here, now their awful

What’s the point? I put facts up here regularly but some you could care less. I can talk about working the offense better, you’ll ignore it. I can say FT’s have improved quite a bit. I can talk about rebounds. All will be ignored.

Its kinda hard to see past the suck.

But TOO MANY of you just ignore key points to stick to a preconceived notion. It’s irritating.

FT yes. Offense and rebounding I can’t see it. Harris shooting awful. Gabe continues to turn it over again and again.

People were thrilled when Perry when was coming. What we see now is how bad the depth is, Can anyone imagine is Daniel has gone pro? I mean, We have zero big play besides him. And while I am beating the dead horse, it ain’t gonna be better next year. That’s what stinks about this “young” team. We have no one coming in to help inside and what we are recruiting is about like what we have now. Ali and Henderson must be really bad bc they can’t get minutes with this circus.

I will concede better free throws but as for the other stuff you mentioned, it sure hasn’t produced winning basketball if we’ve made such gain.

We lost the rebounds by 3 tonight, we did much better. Harris shot 50% tonight. Gabe, I’m not even going to get started with him.

Oh, I get it. I know we have improved but to lose like this at home time and time again. Where is the heart?

I’m just disgusted with the state of Arkansas basketball. I expect more than flashes of success. After 8 years, I expect an established program that can compete.

Obviously, those expectations were not realistic under the current staff

You don’t know that.

Time and again? This isn’t normal at all. We normally do compete, this year is an annomally.

This is simply a very poorly coached team. Eight years of CMA and we are struggling to be a middle of the pack SEC team. We don’t play fundamentally sound defense, and our offense of late has simply looked lost. We need a change. I didn’t catch the attendance number tonight but it looked like we had a lot of empty seats in the second half.

Add Adrio to the turnover problem. They are both rally killers.

Again, I would be happy to just chalk this year up to bad luck with our roster and youth, but next year isn’t showing much hope with our big situation, you can argue with me that Idk that but I am looking at our bench and our prospects, it’s bad. Stop sugar coating it. Chaney is all we got and have you seen his play lately?

We looked like a pretty good ball club early in the year, but looks were deceiving.

We don’t have any depth and our front line besides Gafford is Division II quality.

Mississippi State is a deep, talented team. They could do some damage in the NCAA’s. Howland is a good coach and has them playing well right now. We just got steamrolled in the 2 half. We had no answer for a much better team.

UGH! This 8 years nonsense is a misnomer to the issues with this team. Please people, stop trying to make this a sticking point.