I’ve resisted posting tonight

I don’t know if others are intentionally staying away or not, but so far things are going pretty well. I know we’ve blown leads lately, but in B4, it’s nice to have a 4-1 lead.

so far so good Loeske coming in and has to face their 2 studs with men lets hope he can get out of it, He did huge DP!!

Well, that DP sure cured some ailments in that inning. I was afraid they might get at least 1 run there.

That’s a break the hogs didn’t get this past weekend. Double plays were what the hogs hit into.
Maybe the hogs can score some more runs.

Huge missed opportunity 2nd and 3rd 1 out and we don’t score grrr! may regret that.

I just wish they could push one more across. Too many men left on base. I think if they can get one good timely hit, the gates will open. I don’t like TT hanging around. :smiley:

yeah we could easily have 8-9 runs even in the 1st with 2-0 we had bases loaded no outs and only got 1 more run the thing we couldn’t do was hit into a DP and we did just can’t seem to catch a break a lot of times

Well now the hogs have stranded 9 base runners! Back to the drawing board.

It’s frustrating to get so many men to 3rd & not get them in. Biggers’s stumble on what would have been a triple cost us a run. If’d been there instead of 2nd, he’d have scored back in the 5th(?)

Normally I’d feel good with a 5-1 lead going into the 7th inning, but I I know TT is dangerous. I’d like a few more runs.

yeah they are very Dangerous,just don’t understand why we can’t hit better when it counts we have been in this funk for more than 2 weeks.

I’m glad it’s the 8th. Left one more. 6 outs. Let’s hope Loseke can continue. Hitters not helping much. We miss Shaddy and Martin. I’ll take a 5-4 game though. Lol.

loeske is Nasty!! could easily be our 3rd starter

Now going into B8 with that same 5-1 lead after Loeske sets them down in order with 2 more K’s. Even with a 4 run lead this late I’m not as confident as I’d like to be. It’d be nice to get 2 more runs so no one batter can tie us up.

Another runner on 3rd base. Yes, I know there are two outs, but man we need him to score.

Another runner on 3rd base. Yes, I know there are two outs, but man we need him to score.

It is now common for the hogs to fail with the bases loaded! And yes we miss Shaddy and Martin!

Unreal. 13 left on base. Lol. 3 more outs!!

Strand 3 again. 5th time to leave a runner on 3rd. Sigh. Oh well, maybe we won’t need to worry about stranding anyone in the 9th. Maybe this will be it.

Down to 1 out with nobody on. Loeske is looking great. Hope he finishes this without allowing a baserunner.

Well, now he did it. Loeske looked as good as any pitcher we’ve had all year. TT might have great hitting, but they sure got to see some fine pitching tonight.

Big win. Now lets sweep them tomorrow night.

17 strikeouts. Pitching was outstanding tonight. Loeske deserves the game ball.