I’ve really enjoyed the golf articles

This week by the writers covering the NCAAs. Hearing and reading Maria Fassi’s comments shows her great personality and she’s going to be big on the LPGA. Seems like a beautiful person. Same goes for the guys FR article today. They all genuinely appreciate being a Hog and engaging the people around campus. That’s cool and it’s a joy to support kids like this.

I need to bring my boys up and play the Blessings this summer to give it a test drive and see it for myself, but I’ve got to practice and get ready, which is tough with a bad back and family stuff here at home. My oldest can test any golf course we play with his game, the twins are coming on, but my skills and game are slipping…it happens.

Let’s hope our FR lights it up these next few days.

I have also enjoyed the articles, though I don’t quite know how to take this quote from Perico in today’s article:

[quote]Asked if he was a natural when he took up the clubs at age 5, Perico replied, "I sucked man. Yeah, I was bad. I was a bad golfer. I couldn’t break 80.

I am 51 and never broken 80 at any age!

I think he’s saying you are a bad golfer and suck. Just kidding.

Anything golf is great but even better with a Hog logo in it…

FYI, if you play Blessings, bring lots of golf balls. The fairways are 80 yards wide in most areas, but it gets narrow around the greens. Bad shots are gobbled up by the penalty areas (what used to be called hazards).

Blessings members have a standing bet for anyone who steps foot on property for the first time: you won’t break 85 even if you are a scratch golfer. No one has won that bet yet. Maria Fassi said she shot 89 on her first time around the course. Of course, her last round of stroke play was 68. So she figured it out.

You will figure it out eventually. It becomes easier once you figure out the right lines to take off the tees and to the greens. You must be in the right spot to hit your approach to the greens.

I’m betting that the scores for the good teams in the second round of the men’s tournament improve greatly. I noticed Oklahoma State shot out of the gates fast Saturday morning. I had predicted that to someone last night. They shot 2-over yesterday. The Cowboys will probably shoot 6-8 under today.

85 for the first time seeing the course tells me it’s really tough. There was a bet like that going around at Mystic Creek in Eldorado after it first opened. Those greens were as hard as rocks and wouldn’t hold that first year so it was tough. I’ll let Michael take that bet because I’ve not seen him touch 80 in years, even not playing much preparing for dental school.

He would be the first to do it. Seems unreasonable for someone at scratch not to break 85, doesn’t it?

Remember the top college players are below scratch. I bet Julian Perico is plus 5. The top OSU players are plus 6 or 7. They take a normal close apart, shooting 8 under.

So scratch is a low handicap, but not anything close to what PGA Tour players would have for a handicap.

It does seem unreasonable but I totally get it. I think at the end of his FR year at La Tech, he was a plus 0.5 or something like that out of Squire Creek in Ruston. It’ll be fun to go with all three of my boys and tell them about this bet…add a little more fun to the round. No telling how many balls the twins will lose bc…they hit it a mile but aren’t as accurate as me and their brother. And there’s the constant brotherly competitive bickering back and forth which we I enjoy.

I’ll have to post back to you how it goes. We need to go see my wife’s aunt in Fayetteville anyway this summer, so now I have a reason to get out and let the women visit…sorry but only so much of that I can’t take.

First time the UA women played it, they came in after No 13. They ran out of golf balls.