I understand that I am getting credit

on another board for saying that Chase Hayden has entered the transfer portal on the radio in Little Rock today.

That is not what I said.

I said he has only played four games, is not the third straight tailback anymore (TJ Hammonds is) and that I would not be surprised if he enters the transfer portal.

I’ve been wondering about whether he’s a “silent probable transfer” for weeks. Both sides might want him to wait until the end of the semester to either go one way or another, with the understanding that CM won’t play him and burn the redshirt the last four games. In the meantime he keeps practicing and going to class, and Chase keeps his options open.

There’s a couple of reasons he might want to stay-Boyd might leave for the NFL and there is of course the chance of a coaching change. Either one of those might be enough to keep Chase wearing a Hog helmet.

Another board also has stated morris would not mind if he were not retained. Said this season is really wearing on him. Wonder if true the players sense this.

Also someone said Bruce James said chavis will not be back next year but of his own accord. Retiring

I’ve heard he won’t be back, but that’s the first time I heard he’s retiring

Obviously Coach Morris said on the SEC teleconference this morning that they hoped to redshirt him since he has played four games right now and isn’t in the rotation.

We’ll see.

I’ve learned to repeat myself a few times when doing radio because I’ve had the same thing happen to me on numerous occasions.

It’s kind of like Morris supposedly guaranteeing a win on Saturday. Fans and some media (SDS) hear what they want or like to stir the pot.

I was told some on another board were calling me out about a story I did on Landon Jackson awhile back. Saying I was way too positive about the kid and Arkansas chances with him.

All I did was quote him. I voiced no thoughts about where Arkansas stood with him. I seldom ever give my opinion on a kid and Arkansas’ chances in a column or story.