I trust the players

If the UA Lettermen want Sam Pittman, fine with me. They have the confidence of Sam’s leadership and coaching. NOBODY wants the UA football program to succeed more than the current and previous players. I trust their judgement.



I have always heard the oline was the smartest guys on the field, so if true, makes sense to turn it over the the leader of that outfit.

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Players wanted JLS too…

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We have seen this John L reference already, so if you insist on being a pain, àt least trying to be original.


I’m in a wait and see mode. I really can’t believe this program is to the point where we are hiring a career OL coach to lead this program but we can thank our BOT (who approved CCM) for where we are. It’s all about the staff he can bring together. I have a feeling Frank wouldn’t believe where we are.

Frank Broyles would not have made this hire. Doesn’t mean it won’t be a good hire, but goes against our historical norms/program traditions.

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Frank did hire Crowe so maybe? I am like you not happy but hey, what the hell we gonna do about it.

I hope it gets better. I fear, with next years schedule another 2-10 and let’s see how much support Pittman has then

We have only one way we can go and that is up. Do some of you think you can do better?

Frank hired Jack Crowe.

Frank was not perfect.

Frank did not face this kind of sustainable bad.

But forever grateful to Frank.

A debt the state cannot repay.

Maybe we are in the beginning of an AD better than Frank? Maybe in this day and age Frank would have made his hire. Too many variables.

So, now we’re down to talking about what Frank would or would not have done. Ya’ll are truly hilarious…

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Hilarious? Not at all. Where we are as a program is anything but hilarious. This program post-Frank is really sad.

The key is not if Frank would hire Sam now. Maybe. But if he had been allowed to run the athletic department the way he wanted to run it, I wonder if there would be a situation where so many sitting head coaches were not interested. That’s another discussion and probably more relevant.

If any can come up with much of a list of sitting head coaches that would have taken the job right now, I’ll be impressed.

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I wasn’t talking about the program. I was talking about certain posters. Sad works just as well.

I agree with you on the first sentiment. That’s what sad is that the BOT (who seem to insist on being involved) have meddled to the point where the program is where it is. Go back to the HDN hire where the administrator, little Johnny White, insisted on a committee interview when Frank had Tuberville locked up. Same with Self. But no, the RIDICULOUS administrators that was White and on with the BOT keep inserting themselves and SCREWING things up ( I want to use another word). The CRAP SHOW where we are now falls at their feet and I wish they could be held accountable.

Dude, hilarious? Sad? You want to criticize fans? How about the administrators who have f’d this whole thing up after Frank. Let this sink in. We have fallen so far that sitting head coaches said “no thanks” to the point where we went with a career OL coach. I sincerely hope to heck he succeeds! The positive part to me is the player/former player response but they liked SMILEY too.

Frank also fired him as soon as he realized it wasn’t working, then hired Ford, who set the table for HDN’s success.

Easy, Dude. I agree the program is the worst it has ever been. I just think it’s silly to act like you know what Frank would do. Are you a medium of some sort?

Easy, Dude. I agree the program is the worst it has ever been. I just think it’s silly to say what Frank would do. Are you some kind of medium that talks to the dead?

We have a pretty good body of work from Frank to have a good idea what he would do. Clay is right, the more relevant conversation is that we’re to this point.