I thought we all were overreacting...,

Until I read this…
In rushing plays of 20+ yds, 30+ yds, 40+ yds and 50+ yds, the Arkansas defense is either last or tied for last in the nation

BB better take over the D immediately-- forget about recruiting trips this week

It’s one thing for a defense with nine returning starters to show little improvement and basically maintain the status quo. But to become one of the two or three worst defenses statistically in all CFB boggles the mind!

Those are awful but those kinds of stats never reflect the quality of opposition. The teams who’ve done so much damage to us are Bama, TAMU, & Auburn. Not many teams would fare well if those were 3 of their first 8 opponents. Ask A&M and Tenn how to stop Bama. Ask UGA how to stop Ole Miss.

No doubt we need to improve, but still we need to remember who we’ve played.

Don’t forget our friend, Mike Markuson…CBB canned him 2 weeks into the season at WISC after the offense sputtered on the road at OR…he can FIRE SMITH NOW too!!!

Defense was terrible but equally bad was 25 yards rushing by our offense. Both stats are hard to fathom.

Holy cow… somehow I missed the 25 yard rushing stat. So, I had to go review the box score. We got outrushed 543-25. Auburn had 6 players who individually each rushed for more than our entire team. Man that was a beat down.

There is far more than a talent gap going on with this team. In the 3 losses, we’ve allowed 1173 yards rushing. In those same games we had 218 yards rushing. That’s more than just playing a better team.

We want to be excited over our rushing against Ole Miss. Fournette had 249 yards in his first 7 carries against them. The fact we had good rushing numbers against Ole Miss was more about their lack of ability to stop any rush.

Absolutely…the thinking the OL had really improved based on Ole Miss was fool’s gold.

I agree because if he don’t do something fast, the recruits will jump ship on you…

Alabama ranks 1st in nearly every defensive category, which wouldn’t mean much, except they share our division in the SEC West.

Bodes the question…

…when are we successful?

How does Long/Belima define success?

Answer for Long - 7 wins or more, bowl game, clean program. BB does all those things.

I don’t think Long truly cares about wins.

Instead, as long as the program is trending up just enough to keep folks financially interested, and no one in the athletic program has sullied our “integrity,” then he’s fine. 8-4 seasons are perfectly OK with him. So are 18-15 hoops seasons. They accomplish what he wants.

So frustrating.

Rob Smith must go!! If BB refuses, fire him too, and start over. Look at LSU, Nuff said!

If mediocre results are acceptable to Long/Belema then their salary should be mediocre as well. Restructure their contracts so that salary depends on results. I bet you would see a drastic change most ricky-tick.

Bama ranks 1st in recruiting defensive players. Coincidence? I don’t think so!!!

Half of the owners of every professional sports team feel the same way. They preach they want to win, but really they just want to make money. Sports is a business. 8-4 every year is better than 4-8 on so many levels. 10-2 doesn’t do that much more for a program financially over 8-4. It just brings on more fair weather fans. At 8-4, we can sell out the stadium most years We won’t really ever increase capacity for the common man, because we don’t have enough in this state that will stay solid supporters at 8-4. Our numbers right now allow us to make a lot of money at 8-4. Too much risk to focus on 10-2. Yea, we may have more people wanting tickets, but we are already selling out, so what’s that accomplish.