I thought the SEC

Did a great job down the stretch protecting their money machine. ESPN did a great job of promoting Call repeatedly with the repeated in game action split screen of Cal.

Dykes’ UK/Cal game was on point, too.

It’s like he says—Cal’s secret is he just outworks everyone in recruiting.

SEC is a joke. Just a bunch of cheating coaches and cheating refs. That should have been our ball with 2 seconds, there’s no way anybody with eyes see that play and misses the ball going directly off UK player’s elbow. And even if we throw that out, he moved on the baseline and they missed that.

They had in their mind they didn’t want Arkansas to get the ball back, they didn’t even want to review the ball, luckily Mason Jones wasn’t going to play until they did. I don’t care what anyone says Jones has heart he was out there trash talking fake ankle Herro out there and making clutch shots.

Jalen Harris… just smh, how are you a point guard and can’t make free throws, and don’t know how to hit the rim on an intentional shot.