I thought the rain delay was a killer

Kacey Murphy was starting to pick up steam. He had retired nine of the last 10 before the delay, and Arkansas was battering around those relievers. We have seen over and over that he gets stronger as the game goes along because of the adjustments he can make the second and third time through the order.

didn’t help us any but our approach at the plate was very passive we just can’t get the big hit very much on the road…defense continues to hurt us too…must win tomorrow to win the division

At least Alabama is giving us some help tonight. They’re up 3-0 batting in the bottom of the 8th.

yes all we have to do is win.we will see if we can do it…

Murphy always get stronger as the game goes along. He could give the team an inning tomorrow. Who starts game 3?
My guess Campbell?
I think the game changed on the home run pitch Scroggins threw! Once Coach started pinch hitting and it failed it killed the hogs later in the game.
I would liked to have seen Kenley take those cuts!

I was surprised DVH went with Scroggins instead of Reindl or Loseke coming out of the delay. I suppose he thought it was too early but it ran counter to his usual approach which is to pull out all the stops to get a win and worry about the rest of the series later.

We had rallied again and I think we cld have put them away had we built on the lead at all.

I also thought the called 3rd strike on Heston and the B10 foul ball leadoff double were big, too. There’s a reason it’s hard to win on the road in the SEC. Anything remotely close goes to the home team.

I wish they’d get rid of replay. They get it wrong as much as they get it right. Just scrap it. They’re too worried about saving face to utilize replay as it should be used.

The ump clearly didn’t see the ball but we get stuck with his guess because it was the initial call.